Office Style: Print Me Up

Nothing injects personality into a look quite like a good print. It’s that powerful punch, the touch of wow that makes getting dressed so fun. Whether vintage-inspired, futuristic, or simply bohemian, we love the statement of  bold and bright patterns for spring.

On the left our FP Beach designer wears the Avalon Sandal. On the right our New Romantics designer wears our sold out romper, get the update with our En Vogue Catsuit.

Try a bold flower patterned tee with our Floral Tee

Such a fun kitchy cowboy pattern accessorized with loads of eclectic jewelry!

I spy the Avalon Sandal again! And the Double Shanghai Pendant

There’s nothing like a good head-to-toe printed dress, see our selection here.

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11 years ago

As much as I adore some printed pieces, I rarely wear them. Hopefully this summer I’ll be more concious of buying printed clothing. I like all the pieces the FP girls are wearing.