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DO: Paint your toenails

Perhaps you’ve already let them out – strapped on those sandals, and unleashed the beasts. Even if not, they will be released soon. The warm weather months are ahead of us, and your toes have been in hibernation for awhile now. One of the first signs of spring is a perfectly painted toenail, and it’s time to get them ready for your favorite pair of sandals. Give the toes a fresh coat of paint – that feel good emotion and a treat to yourself. It’s time to be confident and ready for the season.

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the girl is too thin, her pic is gross, and the feet on the second pic are ugly.




excuse me while i go throw up my last meal…… photos like this make young girls suffer bulimia or anorexia.


too thin indeed


Geesh, you guys are to damn judgemental! Read the post, enjoy the point of the photos and get over it. Seriously, go paint your toes!!! :)


Totally agree with queenholguin!


Agree with queenholguin. Chill out, she may be thin but I know plenty people that are naturally like that. Hateful post saying that looks gross make them feel bad- so stop judging people and paint your toes.

It hard to focus on the point of the post when all I could notice were her tendons sticking out from the backs of her knees.


That’s the great part about being human..we don’t all look the same. Not everyone has the same toes and legs or weight. So there is no norm to judge upon. It’s very hard to say something is disgusting when you are not that person and don’t know anything about them. For all you know she could be naturally skinny…it does happen. Just like other people are taller or short or have different hair colors or develop disorders. Just show compassion


I can’t help but be bothered whenever thin people are being judged. I am thin and these comments hurt. I can’t help being thin. Just as some people can’t help being a bit on the heavy part. Why can’t people understand that? Calling someone ‘too skinny’ is as mean as calling someone ‘too fat’. Remember that.


Very well said – anonymous and hannah. i am naturally built similar to the girl in the photograph. I’m insecure about my lack of curves, but i see that girl and feel she is beautiful, just as i see beauty in curvier women. please remember many women of all types are insecure about their figures before posting hurtful comments


Healthy humans are beautiful humans! Thin or curvy, if you have a happy, well-functioning body and inner beauty that radiates outward, you are WONDERFUL, you are BEAUTIFUL. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


The difference between calling someone skinny or fat is that being skinny is highly valued in our society, whereas fatness is discriminated against. So being “too skinny” cannot be the same as “too fat”, regardless of the fact that they are both value judgments of body type. The issue is not whether this particular girl is healthy or not, obviously there are naturally skinny people…the problem is that extreme thinness is presented as the ideal body type in a society that values women predominately on their looks, which creates a dangerous environment for young girls’ mental and physical health.


I do understand that but why bring others down? I mean, in our conscious effort to promote curves, etc., we bring thin people down. And vice versa. Why can’t we just celebrate each body type? I have been more or less the same body figure since high school (I’m college now) and it’s just painful, you know. It’s not like I don’t make an effort to put on some weight.


Being called “too skinny” weather it is valued by society or not, can still be just as hurtful to the person it’s being directed towards just as if they were calling someone “too fat”, but people feel it is more acceptable to judge and speak out about thin girls to their face. I hit a growth spurt young and was very tall and thin all through jr. High and high school and was always subjected to harsh comments (“boney”, “ewww, do you even eat?!”, “being that thin is disgusting”) by kids my age and ADULTS who would never say a… Read more »


Hands down to you, anonymous. I just wish people would stop saying mean things, whether to someone fat or skinny because honestly, that’s where the insecurities come from. While media/magazines may have a hand on it, it’s the people who keep on bringing each other down to blame.


A friend said this the other day. “Loving your body does not mean ‘accepting’ your unhealthy lifestyle/diet habits and being happy regardless.
Loving your body means acknowledging your unhealthy habits and then promising your body you will do everything you can to take care of the miraculous instrument it is because you love it and appreciate it and want it to function with its fullest potential.”


if you do not like the pictures or have some overbearing moral stance against them dont look at them it is as simple as that.


Girls don’t like these pics but men do. those girls are what most guys like.. sorry to let you know that


What. The. Heck. Why are some of you guys so jugemental. I say, before you judge anyone, walk in their shoes for a day.


what a bunch of haters, enjoy the post!! and stop being so judgmental, how would u feel if someone was putting u done. fat skinny who cares, we all are individuals. have some decensy people be nice


I think her legs look fine. When are preople going to stop being judgemental about thin people or thicker people? Who are you to say that she is too skinny or too fat? All that matters is that she’s treating her body right and not bashing it like you do.