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Do: Travel by the means of your own two legs

Now that it’s getting warm out, there is really no reason to hop in the car excessively. To teach yourself a lesson about how much you really do use the car, try getting around today solely by the means of your own two feet. You don’t have to do it every day, but just see what it’s like for one. Are there ways that you can you cut back in general? Whip out the bike, strap on the roller blades, hop on a long board, or just plain take a walk. Try biking to the grocery store or walking to brunch. You’ll be surprised about how good it will feel – not only to move, but also to do something good for the environment. Sure, you’re not going to change the state of the atmosphere all by yourself, but you’ll at least know that you’re not contributing to its destruction. If everyone used the car just a bit less, the world would be bit cleaner of a place. So use your legs for good – get out, exert some physical energy, enjoy the wind in your face, and breathe in the outdoors.

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11 years ago

I have a bike just like the last pic….ive been wanting to ride it but the tires are flat and I keep forgetting to find someone to fix them for me…very inspiring post!!

11 years ago

I absolutely love this! Yes, yes, yes! I recently broke my foot in an accident, but before that I used to walk somewhere just about every day. It’s great for you & why waste so much money on gas AND contribute to traffic & pollution, if you don’t have to?

11 years ago

Nice clicks. I like the bike very much.. I wish I could ride on it..

11 years ago

I walk to work every day… unfortunately I suck at biking. It’s just so much more fun and relaxing to soak up some sun, get some fresh air, and walk instead of driving.