Style File: Store Merchandiser

I’ve been getting some pestering around the office to do another Style File on one of our male employees. It seems people are thirsting for some more of that inspirational elegance of a well dressed man, where it’s all about the color combinations and simple detailing. So I chose someone who does just that, our home office store merchandiser who’s been with the company for more than six years. He’s utterly stylish, outfitted to perfection, and quite honestly, adorable. His style is never overcomplicated, but yet there is always something for your eye to land on. A quirky detail, a rustic touch, or an amazing color are just some examples. Take a look at what he wore this week, and I think you will agree, there is much to be inspired by from his fun yet elegant way of dressing.

Pay close attention to this watch, it changes color everyday ;)

Borrow from the boys and get the look with our Handwashed Boat Shoe.

Interpret this bright plaid into a fun shirt dress, try the FP New Romantics Knotted Ikat Dress.

Make a fresh statement with white denim jeans.

Get the look with our Metal Aviators.

Simple sneakers are a great unisex item. We love them for both the boys and the girls. :)

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11 years ago

Thanks for doing another male profile! I think well-dressed guys really exemplify “it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it”. I love his clean look, very enjoyable.

11 years ago

classy as usual! ^ -^

11 years ago

such a cutie

11 years ago

Great classic, Hamptons style… i loved seeing this. Very refreshing!

11 years ago

Taking some style cues from this dude for sure….

11 years ago

amaaaazing, iconic style! way to go.

11 years ago

yes! I love REVENGE! It is the best show on TV for sure!!!