Jane Birkin, Style Icon

A 60’s darling, Jane Birkin is a style icon to many — photographs of her in the swinging sixties and her fuelled relationship with Serge Gainsbourg kind of soak into you. She tells a strong story through beauty and her sweet sex appeal shines bright. You just can’t help it, you want a little taste of Birkin! From her sweet bangs and dreamy eyes to her little Shift Dresses and knee high boots, this lady had style that inspires us to this day.

We love the Shift Dress trend right now and feel she is a fitting icon to contribute. We love Jane Birkin!

Get the Jane Birkin look here:

Product: Secret Garden Shift, Miles of Lace Dress, Half and Half Sunglasses, Feathered Zip Boot, Kenley City Sandal, Cameron Satchel

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9 years ago


First image with Jane, the one with the sunglasses(last image) is Francoise Hardy, not Jane Birkin, also a french singer and actress.


9 years ago

69… année erotique!

9 years ago

your a nice picture & beutiful picture