Little Surfer Girl

I was walking through the office a couple of weeks ago and something caught my eye. I stopped dead in my tracks, took a couple steps backwards and sure enough, there they were – four beautiful vintage surf boards leaning against the wall, waiting to be photographed.

Long Sleeve One Piece Surf Suit

My love of surf culture probably has something to do with spending every summer of my life at the beach… but it’s also tied to my fascination with the 70’s and Venice Beach’s surf/skateboard scene.   I could go on at length talking about the documentaries “Riding Giants” and “Dogtown and Z-Boys,” two of my all-time favorite films, to anyone who will listen.  The raw energy of that time period, and the grittiness of the men and women who helped define surf and skate culture, has always drawn me in. I think that’s why I love our Surf Shack shop so much – you definitely get a sense of that 70’s vibe, with a little bit of early 80s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” thrown in, as well as some  50’s retro for the girlier surfer girl (check out the adorable Polka Dot Rash Suit)!

Long Sleeve One Piece Surf Suit, Welcome to the Jungle Tee, Spicoli Stripe Shorts, Loquita Flip Flops, New World Sunglasses, Chiffon Trouser, Vintage Blue Geometric EarringsNeon Details Hoodie.

It helps that we also have some amazing vintage boards now available in Vintage Loves – these are true collector’s pieces full of surf history. Two of the boards are from the private collection of pro-skate and industry icon, Mike Folmer (above left).

Go see our Vintage Loves Surf collection and Surf Shack Shop!


  1. Dogtown and Z Boys is one of my all time favorites. I am so enamored with 1970s Venice beach and surf culture in general. I think if I could travel back to any place in time that might be it.

  2. Absolutely AMAZED once again by the way your brilliance reflects everything that I truly LOVE about life.
    Unfortunately I wish I had the funds to score me some unique duds like you’ve got in the entire collection….but for now, you’ve just captured everything about me and I cannot love you all more for it…
    <3 Krow

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