Tutorial: Get Colorful Festival Hair!

I’ve always loved the idea of adding color to my hair – I once had neon pink dip-dyed hair that I loved. But getting it right takes time, and putting in colorful extensions takes even more time, so I was pretty excited when I saw this video from our April catalog shoot, that shows how you can get awesome colorful hair (perfect for festivals!) in just a couple minutes using colorful hair sprays!

Check out the video featuring Hailey Clauson and Jacquelyn Jablonski, and more inspiration below!

Click on images for sources.


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11 years ago

my friend and i did something similar to this yesterday, only with oil pastels! it stays and looks really neat!

11 years ago

What brand of colored hairsprays is the man using on the model?

Helen Stephens
9 years ago

I think these hair sprays are a wonderful find to change the look of your hair instantly. I loved this idea and I am going to buy some for myself soon.