Limited Edition Dresses, Let’s Dazzle!

Every girl wants the opportunity to shine for one day, to put on the prettiest frock and just let the world wrap around her. She illuminates and the most enchanted smile comes upon her face… it’s the dress. It’s the prettiest dress she chose to put on that makes her feel like gold and everyone watches her.

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Devorelebeaumonstre, A Blogger Feature by Stacey Belko

Stacey Belko is a blogger based in Pittsburgh PA. Her style has a street edge cred mixed with a 90’s flare. Lately we’ve been stopping by her blog daily for a sneak into what she’s wearing and how she’s styling it.

We introduce you to Stacey Belko of Devorelebeaumonstre!

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Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride, An Interview

Molly Guy approached us on the stairway of her beautiful Park Slope home in Brooklyn, her energy instantly made us feel welcome and it all made sense that this personality was behind the new NYC bridal concept Stone Fox Bride.

When you walk into Stone Fox Bride you feel…
…peaceful, serene, stylish, relaxed, inspired, creative, excited and curious.

She’s carefree, light hearted and fun with a modern day bohemian flare — that’s exactly the feeling you get when you walk into Stone Fox Brides newly launched showroom on Broadway, Manhattan.

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