Beauty: Skittle Nails

The latest trend in nail polish is skittle nails: each nail painted a different colour or the combination of 2-3 colours making a pretty pattern

We love how fun this looks — especially if you’re wearing dark colours, having the nail polish popping and being the centre of attention. It’s fun and it’s summery. Every week at our home office, girls are coming in with different colour combinations and it looks great! This summer Essie has come out with a fun and vibrant colour palette that we think is perfect to try this with.

 “Fortune favors the bold,” says Essie brand founder and global creative director Essie Weingarten. “I am so inspired by women who dream big, go with their instincts and always manage to put their best self forward.”

The collection consists of 6 shades: Navigate Her (pale green), A Crewed Interest (peach), Olé Caliente (Scarlet), Orange, it’s obvious! (Orange), To Buy or Not to Buy (Lilac) and Tour de Finance (Fushcia).

Below we played around with combinations we like. Which one would you wear? Me, I love the Lilac and Pink!

Palette one: Navigate Her (Pale Green) and A Crewed Interest (Peach); Palette two: To Buy or Not to Buy (Lilac) and Tour de Finance (Fushcia)

Palette three: Olé Caliente (Scarlet) and Orange, it’s Obvious! (Orange); Palette four: Every colour!



  1. I actually love it as shown— The palettes look so nice together you could probably wear one on each hand!

  2. Am I the only one who think this looks incredibly tacky?! I remember doing this in grade school.

  3. I think it is very tacky for a business-minded woman. I never did it in my life and don’t plan on doing it unless I’m on vacation very far away and had too much too drink lol.

  4. @ Emmanuels -It depends on the palate whether this comes out tacky or high fashion. Some of us can pull it off. Sorry your idea of fashion is just paying someone for a boring french manicure.

  5. Vivi –
    when did it be cool to insult someone for the way they feel? oh, since the beginning of time. it sound like you are a bit outdated yourself and maybe you need a personality make over.

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