Bianca Jagger, Style Icon

With the launch of our May catalog, shot in Miami, it seemed only fair to reference the style icon Bianca Jagger.  Her look translates the glamorous lifestyle and fashion back in the 1980’s, Miami South Beach style that was somewhat an inspiration to our catalog.

I’ve always been inspired by Bianca Jagger’s style. A true fashionista, socialite and style icon, she was a main feature at Studio 54 with one of her best friends Andy Warhol. Every designer wanted to dress her and she always looked exotic and wonderful.  Famous for her one-shoulder tops and dresses, Grecian dresses, furs, sequins, turbans, chokers, stunning hats, and silk kaftans. She knew how to work a cool and sophisticated look with class and seeing her and Mick Jagger together always makes my heart Quench!

Items: Raquel Dress, Sapphire Sequin Jumpsuit, Fringed Goddess Long Dress, Stella Panama Hat, Trust Bracelet Set


  1. Woohoo! I love seeing all of this stuff about Miami. I was born here, and my family’s from Nicaragua, like Bianca Jagger. :D Interesting post!

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