Blogger Diary: On A Beach

We’re back in the office today after a blissful four day weekend, which I spent in my favorite place in the world, Ocean City NJ.  Four days of perfect beach weather – hot (a little too hot for May, maybe) but with a cool beach breeze to make it bearable. Hot enough that the icy cold ocean water is a welcome escape, chilling you to the bone before lying back in the sand to let the sun’s hot rays dry your skin. Four days of the best company – family, friends and even pets who made the journey from the city to escape the heat and lounge around in paradise for a few days. The beach – specifically, Ocean City – is special to me in a way I can’t always describe. It’s a place where my past, present and future seem to converge. My best childhood memories are there – around every turn or in every little nook of my house is a memory waiting to be uncovered. It’s also a place to spend time in the present, and to think about the future and dreams I have for the years ahead. Just like the waves, carrying shells and stones from years ago and depositing them on the shore, gathering up new ones and taking them back out to sea.

My favorite photo of my mom, on the same beach, years ago.

We had an 80’s party on Saturday night to celebrate two birthdays :)

The best little breakfast spot, right on the beach.

Photos by Julia.

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looks like you had so much fun!!!! I so wish I lived near a beach, I would be there every single minute of every single day…..

i’m so jealous! i love the beach! :(


Woo hoo hope you had fun thats my hometown LOVE OCNJ!!


I was there a couple of weekends ago. I love that surf shack place too! The Gardens beaches are the best because you can watch the surfers and find the best shells and sea glass! Not to mention it’s not nearly as crowded! :)

Quelle belle plage :) I can’t imagine not living at the beach. A true California girl, I’ve lived at the beach (S.D. and O.C.) most all my life. Get me east of the 5 and I start to shake and tremble :D Love your East Coast beaches, too! South Hampton, Cape May, Wildwood and Montauk … what a trip! Your sands are far more conducive to rollicking barefoot and the broken fences and dune grass is straight out of Victoria magazine. Most of all, I like that you East Coasters treat summer like a true holiday, not just de rigueur.… Read more »

beautiful pics!

DIY and more:

wish I could live at the beach right now…
Love & Peace, Betty ♥


I’ve always loved the beach and that one looks amazing!

I’m seriously in love with that last picture.