Details: Lovely Locks

Some of the girls in our office give me bouts of hair envy… I’m seriously considering trying out the ombre look. Check out some hair inspiration from around Free People – and stay tuned for tomorrow’s DIY on how to get wavy beach hair without making a trip to the shore!

Above – keep your hair out of your face with a statement barette like the Beaded Hairslide.

Our cute new headbands and barrettes add a sweet detail to your hair.

More pretty ombre!

Long blonde locks and the Lurex Cardigan.
Go see all of our hair accessories!

Photos by Julia.

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Love this post! The first picture is amazing, so cute!


have you guys ever heard of cultural appropriation?? it seems like that makes up a great deal of what you guys want to call “fashion”


Rather snarky of you, Allie. Have you ever heard of learning a new phrase and dying to use it to sound intellectual? It seems that is the only point of your post.

In case you have not noticed, designers inspired by ‘cultural appropriation’ are making the fattest and fastest bucks in fashion. You bet your wannabe smart a** they have heard of it… and are masters of it. In conclusion, whatever FP ‘wants to call “fashion” is a billion dollar industry which IS “fashion”, like it or not. Check back when you are a major fashion mogul.


Trace- preach it girl.

Allison- someone needs to stop trying to sound smart… ’cause hate to break it but it’s not working. It fact it’s having the opposite effect.

FP- This post is so great; I’m actually trying out ombre on my hair later this summer when it grows out a bit. Love this

Great post, and Trace, well said!!!