DIY Mason Jars

Today’s DIY was inspired by the beautiful installation currently over in Gallery 543. I couldn’t get over the beautiful mason jars with multi-colored paints coating the inside, and set out to make my own.

There’s something so appealing about these jars…they’re lovely on their own, used as flower vases or drinking cups, but I loved the idea of making them a bit more decorative.  Use different color schemes for themed parties, or create a colorful mason jar centerpiece with pretty flowers in it!

What you need: a mason jar or any clear jar/vase of your choice; acrylic or glass paint. I used acrylic and it worked really well and adhered nicely to the glass – but don’t use it if you’re planning on putting water in your jar, because it will start to come off.

All you have to do is drop some paint into the bottom of the jar (if it’s thick paint you can water it down a bit) – then simply turn the jar to its sides or upside down to make the paint run down the sides!

As you add other colors, they start to run together and create a cool marbling effect that’s really beautiful.

You can dab at the paint with a brush to move it around a little bit and guide it in the right direction if needed :)

Once the paint is dry, your jar is ready to use!

It looks really pretty with some dried flowers in it :)

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Photos by Julia.

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9 years ago

TOO fun. i love art projects where there’s no right or wrong technique, really. love!

9 years ago

i really want to do this! thanks for posting!

9 years ago

we love it!!!!

DIY and more:

9 years ago

How pretty!!

9 years ago

So beautiful i just love this idea, thanks for sharing.


9 years ago

I don’t get it ! what so wonderful about a jar & paint ? grandmother was doing this 50 years ago,therefore it’s not a new idea.( Boo )

9 years ago

More DIY!!! I want to see more DIY posts.. they are my favorite!!!

9 years ago

I have actually donr this myself DIM (LOL) and painted the outside for more control, baked them in the oven on 300 for 30 minutes, let cool & sprayed with glossy mod podge for a shiny look and mod podge regular just to set the paint. I am going to have to try painting the inside, what a great idea. THANK YOU!