Eggless Egg Salad – With Curry, Asparagus, and Raisins

Crunchy and sweet, spiced and creamy – all at the same time – this week’s eggless egg salad recipe is a must for any vegan looking to pack some protein into their lunches. Spread it onto a sandwich with some nutty bread, lettuce, and tomato, or simply top off a salad with a few large spoonfuls.

I’ve been experimenting with this one for some time now, and the curried version is one of my favorites. The punch of curry compliments the sweet raisins, and a touch of lime juice cuts the sweetness with acidity. If you’re going to leave the asparagus raw like I did, make sure it was just recently cut to ensure a nice crunch and more flavor (as soon as asparagus is cut, the sugars start turning to starch and you get a more bitter tasting, rock hard vegetable). I like to pick the asparagus up the local farmer’s market, so that I can ask when it was cut and be sure that it’s fresh.

Another joy of a dish like this is that it stores well for a few days and can be used for a week’s worth of lunches. In fact, you don’t want to whip it up and then serve it right away. You should at least let it sit in the refrigerator overnight before dishing anything out. The longer it sits, the more the tofu will absorb the flavors, and the better it will taste.


1 Package Extra Firm Tofu

5 Asparagus Stalks

½ Small Onion

¼ Cup Raisins

½ Cup Vegan Mayo

3 Tsp Curry Powder

¼ Tsp Cinnamon

2 Tsp Lime Juice

2 Tsp Agave

Salt & Pepper to Taste


The first thing you want to do is drain your tofu really well. To do so, cut the tofu in half to make two thin slabs. Wrap both halves tightly in a paper towel, pressing any water out as you do so. Then pile a heavy cutting board on top, weigh it down with any other heavy objects you may have, and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Chop asparagus and onion, and toss them in a bowl with the raisins.

Unwrap your tofu. Crumble it with your fingers and add it into the bowl. Mix in all other seasonings and ingredients using a fork.

Place the eggless egg salad in the refrigerator overnight and serve the next day.

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11 years ago

That looks so yummy!