Featured Jewelry Designer: Pushmataaha

Push by Pushmataaha is a jewelry line created in 2007 by Australian filmmaker and art collector Virginia Rouse. Inspired by a lifelong love of stones and Native American jewelry, Virginia works with real metals in the creation of the pieces and combines this with the beauty of organic, semi-precious stones handcrafted by master artisans.

In her words, “our collection has a unique aesthetic, which is a culmination of living with one foot in Australia and the other on a bejeweled planet in a galaxy far far away!”

We love the vibrant colors in the pieces, and their Australian heritage must have something to do with the fact that they feel most at home in tropical climates and beaches, buried in the sand like treasures waiting to be unearthed and worn out on hot summer nights.

Lincoln Drive Cuffs, Rendezvous Ring, Palmetto Stone Ring, Stacked Glade Ring, Argo Skull Pendant

Lincoln Drive Cuffs, Palmetto Stone Ring, Floral Etched Sunglasses.

Argo Skull Pendant.

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love it!!! =))

xoxo, Ivana


Loved it.. Nice design concept for the jewelry.. Good work by Pushmataaha..

Wow so horrible jewery… Like the concept very much…

I love your great work,please keep continue sharing your knowledge.Thank you.

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there are very nice jewellaries and woman clothing available…:)