Free People Horoscopes

By Tracy Allen ~ Week of May 7th – 13th 2012


April 20-May 20

Upbeat Jupiter and the energizing sun in your sign have lit a fire under you lately, upping your joie de vivre and your self-esteem. When verbal Mercury joins them this week, you’re better able to communicate that feeling to the extent that it’s crystal clear and contagious. Have you been harboring a desire to get closer to someone, but haven’t expressed it? Or is there a creative aspiration you need to let people know about so they can encourage and support you? Translate what’s in your heart, and the response may surprise you.





May 21-June 20

Twins are known as the logicians of the zodiac, your sign’s key phrase being “I think.” However, with your ruling planet, Mercury, moving into your subconscious sector this week, intuition will start to give logic a run for its money. Try these key phrases on for size: “My sixth sense is telling me…” or “I have a funny feeling that…” or “I had this weird dream…” To give your instincts a chance to penetrate your busy mind, chill out at home. Turn off the computer and phone, then take a relaxing bath or listen to music, burn candles…anything that clears your head of chatter.




June 21-July 22

“We are meant to midwife dreams for one another.” ~Julia Cameron

Fortuitous planetary activity in your groups zone is signaling you to connect with people who can help you get to the next level in achieving your dreams. Approach a role model to be your mentor; join an organization of people who are already doing what you’d like to be doing; take a class to advance your skills; network online to make new contacts. It may sound like sensible advice for landing a better job, but the central theme here is your hopes and wishes. Maybe you love cooking for friends and family, but think being a star chef is just a pipe dream, since you work at a law firm? Seek out those who will tell you otherwise.





July 23-August 22

“In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” ~Andy Warhol

Your ruler, the sun, is at the most elevated point in your chart now, an area associated with status, public recognition, and your contribution to the world. And your sign happens to thrive on accolades—not necessarily out of vanity, although that’s sometimes the case—but out of pride. At their best, Leos have a healthy, strong ego. They seek a true inner essence and in turn, strive to share their uniqueness with others. You should feel the heat of the spotlight this week; your mission is to use your 15 minutes wisely and benevolently. Don’t worry: Andy Warhol, a Leo himself, must have known his sign could finagle more screen time than that!



August 23-September 22

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” ~Bob Marley

With a planetary gathering in your far-horizons house, this is the time for no-nonsense Virgos to color outside the lines. Let your mind wander into the hazy promise of the future. Get wildly, uncharacteristically impractical with your imaginings. Dare to overreach. Write the next chapter of your life in your head, taking liberal poetic license. Brainy Mercury and dynamic Mars in Virgo are also clicking this week, reinforcing the alignment of your beliefs and your actions. Einstein taught us that matter is a manifestation of energy, and some quantum physicists have hypothesized a link between consciousness and energy. So aim high with your thoughts.



September 23-October 22

A concentration of planetary energy in your hidden-resources house highlights the incalculable profit to be gained from keeping an ear to the ground. Among other things, this area of the chart concerns psychology and money shared with or gained from others. In other words, it’s the messy stuff that we turn up when we do some digging. Try to read between the lines now and hear what people aren’t saying. The situation in question could be a pending raise at work, your relationship status or anything that’s currently shrouded in mystery. No matter what it is, a little sleuthing and a lot of vibing people out will tell you where you stand.




October 23-November 21

When I was in grad school, a handful of my classmates read—and swore by—a self-help workbook entitled Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. Its many exercises include journaling, meditations, rituals, writing a fairy tale and making a collage. Such a book may not be your cup of tea, or perhaps you’re even lucky enough to already be with the love of your life. In any case, cerebral Mercury in your relationships angle is telling you to give some serious, systematic thought to what you want in a partner. Writing or talking will help concretize your realizations.




November 22-December 21

The moon in Sag clicks with independent Uranus in your creativity zone early in the week, making you wish you were completely free to devote yourself to a cool personal project and nothing else. But other planets are causing a stir in your money, daily-duties and career sectors, reminding you that building up resources and solidifying your foundation are forms of self-care. Attending to seemingly mundane tasks will make you feel more secure, so when you do find time for the fun stuff, you’ve got nothing else to worry about.





December 22-January 19

Your ruler, Saturn, has been in your achievement angle for what seems like forever, making you serious Goats seem extra serious, at least when it comes to your goals. The hidden bonus is that your success has also built up a good-natured confidence inside you. Three planets in your self-expression sector this week should help make that more obvious. You feel looser, less reserved and less cautious about sharing your ideas and opinions with people. Bear in mind that your ties to others and their response to your exhilaration are what gratify you now.





January 20-February 18

Mars in your transformation zone is harmonizing with chatty Mercury in your childhood angle, making it a great week to talk to relatives. If you can’t spend time together in person, at least call or Skype. A parent may be able to help you get clarity on an internal shift that you’ve been experiencing. Sort through your psychological baggage with a trusted family member, and you could walk away from the conversation feeling both grounded and rejuvenated. Your clan is your best source of energy and renewed faith now, so pick up the phone.





February 19-March 20

The sun is always in your communication house around this time of year, and at the moment, expansive Jupiter and educational Mercury are keeping it company. You’ve got a planetary mandate to play reporter and get the scoop. Pisces are more prone to intuiting than interviewing, but elementary information is your friend these days. Fact-gathering conversations with friends, coworkers—and especially siblings and neighbors—will hold more meaning than they appear to on the surface. The tidbits that you pick up can help you to fill in the blanks in various areas of your life, so take notes.




March 21-April 19

“Beware of rashness, but with energy and sleepless vigilance go forward and give us victories.” ~Abraham Lincoln

When Uranus and Mars form an uncomfortable angle this week, it’s your cue to make necessary adjustments between your enthusiasm and your M.O. Uranus’ presence in your sign has probably enhanced—or exacerbated—some of your Aries qualities. Can you think of a situation where you’ve been too impatient, independent or rebellious? Have you been playing with fire in some way? Now’s your chance to put on the brakes, regroup and alter your direction and/or your speed.



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9 years ago

I know everyone seems to have loved the blog layout change, but I just really don’t like it. I find it difficult to find things. It seems very disorganized. And, I don’t like having to click to expand an entry. Above all, the thing that bothers me the most is that when I click on an entry to expand it, it redirects me to the top of the page. Sounds like a minor thing, but man does it get annoying, especially when I want to read a story that’s very far down on the page. I do hope you guys can change this because I find myself not visiting as frequently because of these annoyances. Just trying to give some honest feedback. Hope it’s well received and helpful.

9 years ago

I agree with Mel!!! The old blog was so much, dare I say it, Free. Now I feel like I’m lost in a maze. The new blog feels so..Trendy. Like it’s trying to be something hip and new. It doesn’t feel like Free People anymore. It feels like Barbie World or something :/ wah wah wahhh

9 years ago

Agreed! I don’t look at the sight as much because it seems disorganized and I enjoyed the old layout best. I do love the weekly horoscope addition though!

9 years ago

I agree. The old format was so organic feeling and simple and warm. As Lauren mentioned, it feels too trendy and…clean now? I’m not the biggest fan

9 years ago

I agree. used to check the blog everyday, since the change only check it once in awhile. it just seems a little to polished

9 years ago

I’m with you guys. the only thing I like about the new site is the directory on the top that makes it easy to find DIY ideas or Fashion or other sections. The fact that you have to click to expand is annoying and I agree that it doesn’t look as “free”!! I guess they are trying to modernize it.. but they may be losing some of their old fans.

9 years ago

absolutely agree! I miss the artsy, rustic feel that the old blog gave… I loved the old banner at the top too. felt the fp spirit more!

9 years ago

I actually really like the new blog layout— Makes it easier for me to quickly scroll through the stories, and all I have to do is click to expand and read them. I do hate the comments though. I feel like when I expand a story to read it, the comments should logically follow. Instead, they disappear, and I have to scroll all the way back up (sometimes REALLY far) to click the comments button. It doesn’t really make sense to me and I feel like it takes away from the conversation and interactivity.

9 years ago

I agree with Olivia. The horoscopes are the best thing about the new blog!

9 years ago

I will have to agree with all the others, this new blog layout is outstanding. It has a modern look and it keeps the reader motivated in reading more content.

The horoscope’s addition will keep me engaged to this blog on a daily basis ! Keep up the good work.

9 years ago

hey! loooove the image love from our Paranoid Android lookbook!!!!

shot by Zoey Grossman

styled by Sarah Peinado

9 years ago

Love the horoscope section—the quotes are really cool, too!