Free People Horoscopes

By Tracy Allen, Week of May 21 – 27


May 21-June 20

With four planets in your sign, you can’t stop ratiocinating—and you Twins can ratiocinate like nobody’s business. I didn’t make that word up, but I did look it up in the dictionary. Geminis are thinkers—they aren’t, however, necessarily known for pondering, analyzing or opining. To ratiocinate means to think or argue logically and methodically; to reason. What a perfect way to describe your sign’s straightforward brand of braininess. To keep things interesting, Jupiter and Neptune, rulers of faith and spirituality, add a mystical flourish to your usual logic this week. This unfamiliar mix could cause a slight struggle in your head, but don’t let it get to you. You’re asking the right questions now, and whether the answers come through rationale or intuition hardly matters.



June 21-July 22

The moody moon in Cancer and two planets in your subconscious sector contribute to your current penchant for introversion. If you’re keeping things to yourself and feeling somewhat misunderstood, you’ll be faced with the riddle of cause and effect. Has playing your cards close to the chest led to people’s misconceptions about you? Or are you maintaining a low profile because you feel out of step with others to begin with? This conundrum may not even be the most useful one to tackle: Try asking yourself what trait or behavior might be giving people the wrong impression of you while also making you feel socially off-kilter. You’ll have to do a bit of soul-searching to bring it to the surface, so your introverted mood may well work in your favor.



July 23-August 22

Your sign doesn’t step back and take the broad view. You take things personally. You’re firmly attached—to your friends, your family, your feelings—and can’t always detach when it’s called for. A fracas between vulnerable Neptune in your psychology sector and mental Mercury in your group-consciousness zone highlights this fact. Your yearning for closeness is subject to scrutiny now, and this unwelcome examination seems rather cold and clinical to you. It could be that a well-intended friend feels the need to tell you that you’re over-romanticizing. But it’s also possible that both the romanticism and the analysis are coming from different parts of you—which is bound to cause some internal strife. Don’t stress; the intellectualizing will pass.



August 23-September 22

Uncertainty about your career direction persists this week, but with a new twist. Foggy Neptune in your partnership angle gets you thinking about current and future alliances and how they help or hurt your cause. Did you assume someone was going to champion you and they dropped the ball? Or have you been flying solo for too long and need to consider some strategic teambuilding? Has your optimism outpaced the promises that people have actually been able to deliver on? Your dealings with others are adding to your confusion over where you’re headed, and sorting through them will help put you on the right path.




September 23-October 22

A gathering of planets in your travel-and-education house puts plans for a summer trip or class on the front burner. You’re looking forward to exploring fresh territory—either by skipping town for parts unknown or by learning something new. Only problem is, those same planets bump into hazy Neptune in your daily-duties zone this week, bringing potential scheduling conflicts to light. Get as much information as you can on your upcoming workload and any other responsibilities, such as pet care or volunteer work. Be flexible, and use your famous negotiating skills if you need to. Your determination to broaden your horizons will pay off.




October 23-November 21

The saga continues! Planets in your relationship, romance and sex zones are clicking and clashing throughout the week, a situation that’s reflected in your personal life of late. Scorpios have a need for control that stems from the overwhelming force of their emotions. But you haven’t been able to control either your bursts of optimism or your premonitions of impending doom. And forget about controlling the other person, whose free will you outright fear at times like these. What’s scariest of all is that you have no idea how this is going to turn out. In the interest of self-soothing, repeat as needed: “I’m playing the long game.” The active verb lets you maintain at least the illusion of some modicum of control—which in turn should help you to push past the fear.



November 22-December 21

Several planets in your one-on-one angle have put a strong emphasis on relationships lately, and one relationship in particular may be a problem this week. It’ll probably just be a small bump in the road, but do deal with it head-on to avoid it turning into something bigger. Maybe you feel like someone is withholding affection? Confusion over a home issue is also a possibility, or an unconscious illusion from childhood could be causing trouble between you. Whatever it is, the key is to talk to him or her about what’s bothering you. They can’t give you what you want if they don’t even know what that is.




December 22-January 19

You’re feeling really social at work these days, but somehow you’re not quite in sync with your coworkers. You get the feeling you may have said something that didn’t go over so well. Make an effort to get to the bottom of it. It could be mere miscommunication, or it could go as deep as mistrust. And maybe some people at your office are a good fit for you as friends, while others aren’t. Plus when you spend that much time with people, you’re going to like each other a lot some days and others, not so much.





January 20-February 18

With four planets in your fun sector, hopefully you’re having a blast—or at least going on some dates and incorporating activities into your schedule that serve no purpose other than to bring you pleasure. Leisurely pastimes don’t always fall within budgetary constraints, though. That lesson hits home this week, because Neptune in your money house is at odds with those planets that are encouraging you to live it up. Don’t live in denial if you really are in a financial quagmire. It’s so tempting to regress to a naïve, childish attitude about money, because it’s scary to face the numbers squarely. By the end of the week, you could even come up with a genius solution, like bartering.




February 19-March 20

The sun, moon, Mercury and Venus in your childhood angle this week draw you to a parent, a parental figure or someone who knew you well when you were growing up. You’re looking for some insight into yourself, and they’re your best bet. They can help you sift through memories and find closure or point out recurring themes and entrenched patterns that you’re not aware of. No matter how old you are, such conversations have the potential to bring comfort and clarity. Neptune in Pisces is deepening your self-discovery process, but even you deep Fish can use some extra help.




March 21-April 19

Mercury enters its native house of communication in your chart this week, bringing discourse and interactions of all kinds, especially with siblings and neighbors. Although you’re surrounded by social chatter, a whisper of loneliness and a quest for meaning shadow you, making complete immersion elusive. Existential angst can be viewed as part of the human condition, and Aries—as the pioneer sign—may be particularly prone to it. Everyone feels alone in a crowd at times, and one human connection can be our saving grace. To make you feel less alone in these feelings, try watching Lost in Translation, a poignant depiction of loneliness redeemed.




April 20-May 20

The sun and Mercury conflict with confusing Neptune —a planetary occurrence that could play out in a number of ways during the week. Your values may not match up with groupthink; others’ expectations of you and your expectations of yourself may not be in accord; you might feel like you’re sacrificing too much for someone or someone’s not being straight with you—or both. When my sister wants my eight-year-old niece to stop fretting over what someone else is doing or getting, she says, “Peyton worry about Peyton.” (Her siblings hear the same admonition with their name filled in when it applies.) Figuring out where other people are coming from is a dubious undertaking at the moment. Taurus worry about Taurus.


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9 years ago

It cracks me up how accurate these things are every week! Love this feature, FP <3

9 years ago

Mine (cancer) is frighteningly accurate! Great horoscopes, these are the only ones I trust <3

9 years ago

LOVE reading these horoscopes, so interesting! <3

9 years ago

These horoscopes are the best I have ever read! Mine are always so relative and actually give good advice. I’m addicted!!

9 years ago

cool site.