Garden Markers and More: DIY Stamped Spoons

I’ve always loved the idea of stamping spoons to use as garden markers or just to make them a bit more personal,  but for some reason I was always under the impression that it would be difficult.  Not the case. It’s actually really easy to do and only requires a few tools that you can find on amazon or at your local hardware store!

What you need: a letter and number stamp set (I got this one), a hammer, and the object you want to stamp.

Simply hold the stamp of choice over the spoon or metal disc, making sure you’re working on a hard surface, and carefully hammer it until the stamp has left an impression.

Once you’ve got the tools, there are so many different things you can do with them.  Obviously they can be used as garden markers, which would be such a great gift for anyone in your life with a green thumb (Father’s Day gift, anyone?). But I also love the idea of stamping simple metal disks to make customized necklace pendants, or stamping silverware to make it a bit more personal. Check out some inspiration below for lots of fun ideas!

I’m on the hunt for some pretty vintage spoons like these!

Click on images for sources; first image is my own.

Get crafty with more DIY projects!

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11 years ago

I’m a metalsmithing student and it’s nice to see such a great DIY…. there are lots of metal projects to do that aren’t so difficult!

11 years ago

I love the spoons marked with the names of herbs! DIYs make me smile.

11 years ago

Wow, these are so pretty!
Some of the Amazon reviewers of that set of metal stamps said they had trouble making impressions in harder metals. Did you run into that issue?

11 years ago

woooow we love it!!!!

DIY and more:

11 years ago

A letter stamp is made of steel, so it can only mark on softer, non ferrous metals: Silver, Brass, and copper. Steel might look like silver, but is A LOT harder. Look for a “sterling” stamp, or “.925”

11 years ago

Wow, this is an awesome DIY! Didn’t expect something like this to be so easy :)

11 years ago

This is perfect! Can you use any type of sea salt?

11 years ago

these are gorgeous! cant wait to try making some.


11 years ago

I love this! I just made a little butter knife for my Fiance that spelled “spread love”. He liked it a lot :-D

xox Alex

11 years ago

How were the smaller tags done? Is that sheet metal? What is the best way to smooth edges? I have been trying this with some stainless spoons and its not working very well. I think for what i want to do Id like to just be able to cut pieces of metal to the shape i want and then stamp them but im not sure if im getting in over my head. Id like to know where those tags are from and how the soft edges were made. Please help :)

11 years ago

This is some excellent use of silverware. I’m always looking for some decent scrap metal in Minneapolis but sometimes I forget some of the most beautiful metal is in my kitchen drawer.

11 years ago

Hi – what size metal stamps did you use to create the herb names on the silver spoons? Love your ideas. Thanks Pam

10 years ago

This is amazing, I really want to try this out! :)

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