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The visual displays in our stores are always full of unique home decor ideas, right down to the tiniest little details. Our display team recently sent along some photos of the cash wrap (the area behind the cash register) at our new store in Woodcliff NJ and it is beautiful! Here’s a peek at the decor elements they included and why.

The display is a collection of beautiful objects from around the world.  The colorfully embroidered bodices are Indian ceremonial pieces and the embellished neon envelopes are sent out with Indian wedding invitations. The beaded pompom tassels are used to adorn camels in India – check out this post.  On the shelves they displayed animal statuettes found in a market in Delhi and vintage perfume bottles, and the wooden box and baskets are used in Ikebana, which is the art of Japanese flower arrangement.  We love this assortment of unique items that all have such rich history to them!

I love the incorporation of old photographs, and the neon stickers strewn haphazardly throughout to give it a more eclectic look.

What intrigued me the most were the Ikebana baskets – I had never heard of Ikebana so I looked it up and found myself completely in awe of this intricate form of Japanese flower arrangement. It is an art form they take very seriously, and the process is just as important as the result.  Ikebana brings nature and humanity together to perform a zen-like act, often in complete silence. The resulting creations are extraordinary and delicate, visual representations of shape, balance and harmony.



  1. Wow this is such an eclectic mix of beautiful objects and the stories behind them are even better! I love the photographs taped up on the wall and the little glass bottles with flowers.

  2. Absolutely love it !! You will find rich colours in Indian handicrafts.
    Suggestion: Try using Indian bangles some time…

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