The Hunt Is On: Week 3’s Riddle is Here!

Each week for the month of May we’ve been giving you a chance to win a two night trip for four to Miami Beach, and now your third chance is here! If you win the grand prize, you’ll be staying at The Betsy – South Beach hotel, and what’s more, the prize also includes a $500 Free People shopping spree along with fun FP swag!

Each week, The Hunt Is On symbol has been buried some place on the internet for you all to find. A new riddle is posted to every Monday for you to solve and uncover exactly where it’s hidden.

The Symbol

Find the symbol and click to follow its link and win your first prize. There will be new preliminary prizes each week for everyone who finds the symbol, and every time you find it you’ll also be entered to win the grand prize vacation! You must fill out the entry form to enter, and you will receive the week’s promo in your confirmation email. The more riddles you solve, the more entries you get into the grand prize, and the better chance you have to win!

Happy hunting everyone!

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I’m struggling with this one!


easiest one so far!! phew


Why am i not getting it?


Ugh I know what this should be but that item is no longer available! What am I doing wrong here??


Ahh nevermind I got it!


Same here! I am getting “item no longer available!” Help!!


I solved it but when I got to the page where it says “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU SOLVED WEEK 3” it won’t let me enter to win, does it already have my information entered? I think something may be wrong as the last two times it led me to the page where I can enter up to ten emails and this time it didn’t? If you could let me know why I would really appreciate it :)


This is messing up my Morning.. an ive got to work.. ahhh fml


I found the item but I don’t know where to look to find the logo. HELP!


i can’t find the logo! is it in the video? because the video won’t work for me :(


Yo happy monday world :P


I had suuuuch a time figuring this out hahha. Looking in the wrong spots. Now I want the cutout blue bra… but what would you wear with still showing the details without looking like a sloot? Happy Monday!


It helps if you know the next line of the nursery rhyme.


I know the next line of the nursery rhyme but I’m having a hard time finding the logo on that page. Hints?


Ahhhh! I can’t find it!!

jill came tumbling after!!!


Finally figured out a sneaky way to bring up the page since it was no longer available, but I have no idea where the logo is! i can’t find it anywhere :(

sheila dawson

Jill came tumbling after….I admit I don’t “get it” ;(

sheila dawson

I don’t get it i’ve looked everywhere tumblr.. tumbling cami what is ittt!!


oh i seeee

I’ve looked everywhere as well, please help!

I still can’t find it!


I can’t find it either!! Have looked everywhere for Jill came tumbling after! looked everywhere on on the tumbling cami page! aarrgh. help!