The Hunt Is On

Each week for the month of May we’re giving you a chance to win a two night trip for four to Miami Beach! You’ll be staying at The Betsy – South Beach hotel, and what’s more, the prize also includes a $500 Free People shopping spree along with fun FP swag!

Where better to get away this summer than Miami Beach, FL? We traveled there to shoot our May catalog, and had such a blast that we want to send our biggest fans back to carry on the fun. But good times don’t come easy, and we’re making you work before you can play by sending you on a wild hunt.

Each week, The Hunt Is On symbol will be buried some place on the internet (, , bldg 25, facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, vimeo, youtube, rdio, etc.) for you all to find. A new riddle will be posted to every Monday for you to solve and uncover exactly where it’s hidden.

The Symbol

Find the symbol and click to follow its link and win your first prize. There will be new preliminary prizes (10% off, free shipping, & more!) each week for everyone who finds the symbol, and every time you find it you’ll also be entered to win the grand prize vacation! The more riddles you solve, the more entries you get into the grand prize, and the better chance you have to win!

Happy hunting everyone!

Tip: Share with your friends to have an even better chance of winning. Since the trip is for you and three friends, if one of you wins, four of you can go!

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Sigh… this is when being Canadian sucks…


Wow! You guys are so generous with all the giveaways. This is so fun, I found the first clue already! Great idea, FP!


This is definitely when being a Canadian sucks. Good luck to everyone

I thought you guys sent word that you’re opening stores in Canada (my inbox told me so). Why isn’t Canada included in this contest when you’re opening a flagship here? Good luck to those below us entering.


But no free shipping to Germany?! That sucks, too…! :(


My hair is naturally blonde. I am so sorry I posted the answer to the riddle this morning…hadn’t had my coffee and was desperate to enter the contest but still confused as to how exactly..


Victoria Vo

It took me 10 minutes to figure it out :)
I was having trouble referring a friend. It kept on saying ‘Your name is a required field and may not contain punctuation.’ what was I doing wrong? I put my friend’s name in the NAME column and their email address in the other. what do i do? xx


I’m so confused with this… wouldn’t it just be any horoscope website? i’m a really smart person but I have no idea what they are looking for…

Canadian and this saddens me :( Goodluck to everyone though! Sounds very exciting!


you have to look for the symbol on the website and click on it :)


oh for Alison


this is so hard!! I have no idea where to look haha :)


I finally figured it out, funny thing is I checked the same place like 50 times and didn’t notice it.. :)

We are looking forward to welcoming the winner – You can get a preview of your prize by visiting our website at

Good luck to everyone!


i know where its pretty sure!! but i cant find the symbol on the page!! is it really tiny?


I GOT IT!! very cleverr..


took me 20 minutes to figure it out :) haha


Ahhhhh….. where is it?????


I think I know where it is… but I can’t see it. Is it small???

Is it on the FP website or all over the internet?



I got it!!!!!!! Ya!!!!, wait do you know how you can use the ten percent off thing?


Am I suppose to get something when I click on the ‘symbol’??


Give me a hint, I’ve searched the zodiac cuff and necklace page a bazillion times …… : {


Bella: I think getting 10% off is a prize, you have to be picked I think