Inspiration: Miami Art Deco

Our May catalog location, Miami, may be known primarily for its beaches, but one of its other appeals lies in its unique, colorful architecture.  The South Beach section of Miami Beach is often referred to as the Art Deco District, home to close to 1000 historic buildings from the 1920s-40s that are a rainbow of colors and stunning examples of Art Deco architecture. Begun in Paris in the 1920s, Art Deco is an artistic and design style that represented glamour and modernity, distinguished by its linear symmetry and ornamental quality. It flourished in America following World War I, as people were drawn to its eclectic, decorative style –a distinct escape from the rigidness of the 20s. Today Miami’s historic Art Deco district remains as a symbol of the city’s glam nature, its colorful pastel buildings popping against the blue sky creating the perfect backdrop for a tropical escape.

Check out our May catalog, shot in Miami!

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10 years ago

Wow these are some great examples of art deco. Love this style of architecture and design! I need to go to Miami!


Megan Leblond
10 years ago

I absolutely adore Miami. Many thanks to the local government and the design preservation league founded by a woman, Barbara Capitman, in 1976. Capitman’s vision and that of her supporters then and now, make Miami what it is today. Thank you Barbara and friends!!!!!!!! Support your local art association for beauty …always and forever! Here is a blog I wrote for a color blog about Miami a couple of years ago!

10 years ago

Wow! I’ve never been to Miami, it’s so beautiful~

10 years ago

Miami is by far my favorite place I have ever visited. So gorgeous!