Makeup Monday: What we FP Girls love!

This week our beauty post is guest written by our beach designer, she asked a few girls here at our home office what their favorite product was, I always love knowing what other people favor as you might just learn a thing or two.

From our Beach Designer: So all of us here have our favorite beauty product that we just can’t live without, I actually have about 10 but I decided to ask around and see what other people were loving right now.  I also tried to keep the products as natural and organic as possible, so here goes nothing in no particular order…

Our favorite beauty products right now are;

From left to right:


Now, need I say anymore – this stuff rocks and I swear it has healing properties! I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t buy this stuff in bulk but it is definitely about finding the scent that works for you. I love lavender, leaving me sleepy at bedtime and with a tranquil mind when I start my day. Chau loves the tea tree scent, Dr Bronner suggests ways to use the soap but Chau’s favorite is to dab some on a hot cloth and hold it on the pressure points and joints of her body for ultimate relaxation… we love it! Major plus… its certified fair-trade!


Firstly I wanted to include a hair product I had never thought to try before…. I basically use salt spray every day, the beachy look is my jam but on my way out with Margie a few evenings ago, humidity had got the better of me and my hair looked crazy frizzy, Marjie told me she had some smoothing crème, now smoothing my hair is not something I usually do… but this stuff is magic! It uses un-harmful ingredients, is effective even in humidity and is kind to your locks! caring for your hair and the earth all at the same time.


Jessie LOVES this creamy foaming cleanser – she got the cleanser, fell in love and now has the whole Suki skincare range, all their products are 100% synthetic free. The cleanser is non-stripping and hydrating preserving the skins natural moisture balance. A great cleanser makes for a happy face! Right?


Jess’s tells me this is her can’t live without make-up product, she is a natural and organic make-up junky! The blurb is that this stuff is a natural healer, can be used as a concealer or light foundation and is so flawless it leaves you with a radiant, youthful and healthy glow; it’s in my cart already.

Last but not least… my favorite


This stuff is seriously good… I have eczema prone very sensitive skin but this feels like a dream every time I apply it, it soaks in great, smells good enough to eat and leaves me feeling moisturized from head to toe the whole day… Blended with coconut oil, Aloe Vera and lanolin it keeps skin pH balanced. I can’t go a day without this beachy coconutty wonderfulness!


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11 years ago

I LOVE the Mountain Oceans Skin Trip lotion tooo!!!! I have used two bottles of it in the last 6 months. I am obsessed with it and have recently turned my mom onto it. She loves how it makes her skin feel so soft after working with her hands all day. And I love the way it soaks into my skin after I’ve showered. It’s great lotion for the cold days and the very very hot days. I definitely recommend this product to everyone!

11 years ago

thanks for these recommendations! I also have sensitive skin & eczema that seems to be related to fragrances/harsh cleansers (so hard to tell what it is when you are exposed to many products with many ingredients!) Love to hear about products that can help my skin rather than break it out into rashes!

11 years ago

greats products!!

DIY and more:

Thought that your tips were excellent! For more tips go to PureNaturalMakeup.

11 years ago