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DO: Relive an old memory

Sometimes it’s good to remember what you’ve done and where you’ve been since all too often, we truck onto the next thing without looking back. What’s next? Who do I want to be? Your mind gets stuck on what’s to come, but what about where you’ve been? Life is an ongoing cycle of past, present, and future. You as a creature are a result of the past, and you as a creature will move into the future. Don’t lose sight of that.

Relive old memories that brought you to your modern day self. Remember how it felt driving down streets, reading a book’s opening line, or biting into the local deli’s bagel sandwich. Enjoy a smell and remember how it used to make you feel. Put on a song that conjures up days spent with friends who have since taken a smaller role in your life. Use the power of your senses to travel back in time and understand the circumstances that have molded you.

Moments from the past are in no way less valid or relevant to your being than what is to come. Know where you are coming from and have a solid foundation of understanding yourself to move forward in a meaningful way. Sometimes you have to snap yourself out of the future’s hypnotism, and refocus the entire picture by taking the time to remember. Make today one of those days, go relive an old memory.

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11 years ago

great collection of photos!