Style File: Copy Editor

When FP Brigette started working here, I instantly knew that I loved her style. Although much more feminine and pretty far from my own, I love her girly sense of beauty. She loads on the lace (and will admittedly declare that there must be at least one touch of lace on her at all times), the soft and delicate hues, that some will only wear if toughened up with a leather jacket or accessory. It’s definitely girly, but it works. Her wardrobe is also full of vintage and unique buys that she picked up on her many travels. Complementing it all is her genuine, funny, and down to earth personality. She’s a bohemian beauty with some great pieces and a fun approach to fashion.

Get the look with our Poly Georgette Pullover with Pleats and FP Light Stretch Denim.


Tying a leather belt around your waist is one of our favorite ways to go boho. Get the look with our Desert Charm Tie Belt.

We are absolutely loving hand pieces right now! Can’t get enough of this look!

She sewed a little piece of lace onto these thrifted overalls, what a great personal touch!

This girl has some great socks!

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11 years ago

best style file to date! i love all of her looks. and amazing hair!

11 years ago

she really does have a great style!!! =) love it! =)

xoxo, Ivana

11 years ago

She truly has an amazing style!!
does she have her own fashion blog?

11 years ago

Thanks, guys!! I do have a blog and sometimes do outfit posts!

(Or if you just want the outfit posts:


11 years ago

I love her style and optimism! :)

11 years ago

You go Briggy ;-)

11 years ago

Lalaloove her hair & epic style!

11 years ago

I love her style! It’s not me, but that’s why I love it! So beautiful and creative :)


11 years ago

LOVEly ~;*

11 years ago

she is so cute. I love that she uses lace and yet each of her looks seem different.

11 years ago

Wow cute girl….Specially like all her jewelry.. and the blue colored outfit…

Lisa OKeefe
11 years ago

Loved reading the post and viewing the photos! Brigette demonstrates style and poise. She definetely represents FP in regards to her fashion style and her thoughts on beauty, happiness and life. I am curious too – does Brigette have her own blog or is she going to be FP’s next top model? Or both?

11 years ago

wooow great!!!

DIY and more:

11 years ago

woowww. beautiful. shes so cute.

does anybody know where the shoes on picture number 2 and 3 are from??

11 years ago
Reply to  strawberry

Hi Strawberry — thank you so much! They’re the Chelsea boots from Topshop :)

11 years ago

I absolutely love her style…it’s totally FP and so effortless…
she is a BOHO beauty…thanks for sharing.