Jessica Hart, Style Icon

Jessica Hart’s one of those models whose style off the camera is just as contagious as her look when she’s photographed. She has that cool vibe mixed with pretty.

She knows how to give her floral dresses a little bit of attitude with  Dr. Martens boots or Converses and that’s why we like her.

Based in NY but from Australia, she has that street edge cred that we all want to own with a tousled beach look; you’ll see her in florals, you’ll see her in rock tees and you’ll see her in tie dye. Jessica Hart is this week’s style icon because we love her laid back look.

Get her look:

Items: Jagger Fringe Crossbody, Cage Back Body Con, Vegan Docs, Boyfriend Denim Short

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it’s Dr. Martens

She has great style! I need some boots asap. Great post.

I love how she mixes feminine and edgy pieces together. She is definitely worthy of being listed as a style icon here.


wooow great great great!!!

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