Summer Style Inspiration from Amy Soderlind

I first became acquainted the lovely Amy Soderlind, a Northern California based stylist, about a year ago, when a coworker passed along her inspiring blog.  Although we missed each other when I was in San Fran last summer, she did a lovely guest post for the Free People blog and we’ve kept in touch ever since. She’s an old soul with an amazing spirit and kind heart – it pours out in the way she writes and carries herself. She recently moved into an incredible new home – a water tower on a 33 acre vineyard/rose garden farm in NorCal, and did this beautiful photo shoot on the property wearing FP items that she styled, shot by Australian photographer Chelsea Millunchick, who she has recently started working with.

Check out the photos below for some great summer style inspiration, along with a peek inside Amy’s gorgeous home!

FP One Floral Fields Wideleg Pant, Garden Lace Crop Bra, Time Warp Tank, Birthstone and Zodiac Rosary Necklace.

Crewelwork Hooded Top, Colored Denim Cutoff Shorts.

FP Vintage Extreme Flare, Lace Sailor Tank, Rocas Carpet Crossbody.

Tiered Babydoll Cami, FP One Smocked Bike Short.

Cap Sleeve Gypsy Lace Dress

Tiered Babydoll Cami, FP One Smocked Bike Short.

How did you find your new home? It sounds incredible.

We found it when we weren’t looking. That’s how it goes most of the time, dreams come by way of disguise. We knew we wanted a bigger place with more land… somewhere in a warmer climate where my Love could grow more produce and experiment with new crops. The property dates back to the early 1800’s, one of California’s first wineries. Dean, the owner of this paradise (Anadel Estate Winery) has put his heart and soul into his land and farm; and each twist and turn of the property sings this song.

Our water tower turned home is nested in oak trees, surrounded by roses and grapes… no phone, no internet…. I’ve never been happier.

How are you planning on spending your summer?

I vow to learn a new musical instrument. Music festivals with my nearest and dearest. Cooking. A booth at Farmers Market. Gardening…. spending time. Oh… and the reality of “This” balanced with a full plate of work… :)

What is your favorite music festival you’ve been to?

So many great ones out there…. but I’ll always give my heart and soul to Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. Surrounded with all the people I love dearly, hundreds of faces from home reunite to dance for three days to the best reggae and world music out there. The festival itself has remained true and honest, bringing people together for an equal respect for the music.

What are the last three albums you bought?

Eysh…. i really don’t remember. I’m a rock n’ roll/blues junkie. The Band, CCR, Stones, Marvin Gaye, Doobie Brothers….. there is nothing like old blues/rock, nothing can top it in my book.

What are some current fashion trends that you are excited about?

In the summer, I loathe having to think about what to put on. Loose, breezy, easy… that’s my path to dressing in warm weather. I’ve always been a fan of mixin’ up some prints and I’ll always balance soft/feminine with harder/masculine pieces. While I must understand and follow trends for my job, I’ve never dressed myself with that thought process. Comfort shines through.

What are your must have items for summer?

Head scarf+ hat+bandeau+long sheer high waisted skirt+soft leather sandals…. tada.

Of the free people items you wore for this shoot, what was your favorite piece?

I’ll eat, sleep, wake, work, dine and rewind in those Floral Fields Wideleg Pants. Those things are glorious.

Be sure to check out Amy’s blog Refuses to Label.

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11 years ago

Such an amazing spirit and effortless style. A beautiful California girl!

Hailey Yeager
11 years ago

Amy’s take on fashion, home and life are simply and beautifully put. Reading this article made me want to throw on a bandeau and bask in the sunshine : ) Love.

11 years ago

What a beautiful shoot. Amy – you are an inspiring soul.

11 years ago

Amy radiates beauty and love. She is awe inspiring. These photos capture the essence of her true self. I love that her interiors mirror the impeccably styled looks, using mixed textures and prints. It is obvious why she is a muse for Free People.

11 years ago

Absolutely lovely, Amy! You have incredible style. x

11 years ago

Ames. I am blessed and honored to call this woman my best friend. Not only does she always look amazing and have impeccable style, but she is a wonderful person: strong, sweet, hilarious , a sharp cookie, and one of the hardest-working people I know. Her style is always inspiring, but most importantly, she herself poses as an inspiration for me, as she shoots for the stars and dreams BIG. Yes, you will see more of this gem-of-a girl, as she never stops inventing, creating, and making magic. Xo.

The lone ranger
11 years ago

Absolutely stunning Tanto, as always…you Rock my soul to the core…and so much more.

P.S – your style ain’t bad either.

Kate Kennedy
11 years ago

beautiful piece! <3

11 years ago

Your amazing! Big ups

11 years ago

What a beautiful feature! Totally inspiring. Made me feel zen just reading it.

Plus- girl’s got effortless style!

Juliet Wells
11 years ago

Absolutely Stunning Ms. Soderlind. So very proud of you!

Maya Rowland
11 years ago

You make my smile from ear to ear. Seeing your beautiful face and spirit portrayed, giving others an insight into the inner-workings of your mind and the environment that surrounds it; truly special.
You do indeed live amongst an explosion of treasures, but you my dear are the pot of gold ;)

11 years ago