Travel Inspiration: Beach Camping

What could possibly be better than camping and spending time outside during the gorgeous summer months? Camping on the beach. 

It’s something I’ve never actually done, and am dying to do this summer. I can’t imagine anything more perfect than spending the day frolicking in the surf and sand, cooking over a bonfire, and falling asleep under twinkling stars to the sound of gently crashing waves.

Here’s some inspiration I’ve gathered – any suggestions on good camping beaches are welcome :)

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9 years ago

i live in the mountains so for some reason beach camping hadn’t ever even OCCURRED to me. these are lovely! i dig the setup in photo 6.

9 years ago

love these images. i live in the mtns too. DYING to go to the beach. there’s a scene in Y Tu Mama Tambien where they are camping on the beach…I think in Mexico. I have heard it’s not allowed to camp on the beach in a lot of places, but there are some spots in Hawaii. I would love to know too!

9 years ago

Paradise island in Indonesia! I camped on a beach there a few weeks ago and we were the only group on the whole island. I travelled with a company called Free & Easy Traveler and if anyone is looking for a beach camping experience they are an amazing company!!!

Lana Thompson
9 years ago


I went camping on the beach in xcalak, Mexico a couple of years ago. We flew into Cancun and drove down to Xcalak. It’s this tiny pretty much abandoned beach town, with some GREAT authentic food, and we camped on the beach for a week! A couple of nights we even just slept in a hammock. It’s on the Meso-American Reef (2nd largest in the world!) So snorkeling is a must. We also took a boat ride to Belize for a day to shop (best little huts and stands and markets!)

If you want something in the US, I grew up on the West Coast, and my family is still in San Luis Obispo. All around the central coast there you can camp right on the beach! Good luck!


Lana Thompson

9 years ago

I’m so grateful for this post and the informative comments from other readers! Camping on the beach is something I dream of! Hell, I’d like to make it a permanent lifestyle for real.

9 years ago

Unfortunately, you can’t really camp on the beach too much in the States! New Zealand is a great country for that. But if you really want to Camp on the beach in the states, try out Assateague State Park in Maryland. You’ll see wild horses too!

9 years ago

I’m Australian and camping is one of my favourite things to do. I’ve camped high in the mountains in the middle winter, out under the stars in the desert and many many many times on the beach. My favourite beach camping spot here in Queensland is Inskip Point over looking Fraser Island… There is nothing like waking up crawling out of your tent and the first thing you see is the ocean. Bliss!

9 years ago

That BIB!!!!!!!! This takes glamping to a whole. new. level.

Jewelry obsessed,

9 years ago

Wow! So gorgeous! It reminds me of when I was younger, I used to go camping on an island across from my house, we’d build us a big fire and lay beside it underneath the stars (no tent). Good memories…

9 years ago

I’ve never been beach camping, but I’d really love to go. Is there a place on Cape Cod that allows it? I need to find out!

9 years ago

I’ve camped on Assateague island in Maryland twice. Both times were in May, otherwise we’ve heard the bugs can get really bad but we didn’t even see any while we were there. It’s beautiful, fun, and on Assateague you get the bonus of wild horses at the campsite! The biggest suggestion that I have is to use a smaller (short) tent. The first time we went we used my parent’s tent from the late 70’s which was cool (and free) but it is a big, tall tent and the wind from off the ocean made it hard to keep the tent up. It’s also good to have something to help weigh the tent down because although we didn’t have trouble keeping regular stakes in the sand, they aren’t in as well as they would be in dirt so a little extra weight holding the tent down helps. We just collected bottles and filled them with sand when we got there and placed them inside the tent around the edges.

9 years ago

Port Aransas, Texas, allows beach camping. It’s a small island on the Gulf (called Mustang Island, for the mustangs that used to live there!), and the beaches are gorgeous! Very warm in the winter months, and they don’t charge you anything (no camping permit) during the off-season. There are also very clean port-a-potties every quarter mile, and outdoor showers. One of my favorite places to migrate to in the winter months.

9 years ago

I love beach camping. The beach is my favourite place, and waking up each morning to it is heaven in my eyes. It gets a little cold at times, but that’s what the camp fire is for. Love it!

4 years ago

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