Tunesday: Polica

I first heard Polica when I was in the car on a rainy day.  The drops splashed against my windows, making a rhythm with the windshield wipers, and through my speakers came the moody opening lyrics of “Dark Star.” Something about it just sounded so perfect, so in tune with the moment.  After listening to the full album, I can understand why the band has a fan in Bon Iver.   Singer Channy Leaneagh’s may be distorted by autotune but it travels smoothly through the speakers, leaving vapor trails in the atmosphere behind it. 

Polica came about not long ago, when Leaneagh began to experiment with friend/producer/collaborator Ryan Olson, whose atmospheric beats provide the backdrop to her dreamy vocals. When she performs live, Leaneagh uses effects pedals to recreate the sound of the album, describing it as “using my voice more like a guitar.”

Check out a few tracks from the album below and visit their website here!

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yay i love polica! minneapolis has a great local music scene right now…but no free people store :( please come to minneapolis!!

go minneapolis! go polica! go free people!


Yes!!! Wandering Star and Amongsteer are my favorites from the album. I can’t stop listening to it!


Yess!!! Minneapolis talent!!