Details: Vegan Leather Shoes

When we debuted our vegan leather line last summer, I was pretty stoked. As a vegetarian, I have a hard time wearing real leather products. After years of pining for a leather jacket, my wish finally came true and even though it was July I snapped up our hooded vegan leather jacket the moment I could, and I think I’ve probably worn it more than any other item I’ve ever purchased. But one problem still remained: shoes.

Not anymore! In addition to the vegan doc martens we’ve had a for a little while, we just got in some new styles of vegan footwear that are amazing! I would never know by looking at them that they are not real leather and suede – even the wooden heel on the ankle boots is faux. Check out our new vegan footwear and let us know which pair you like best!

Hartland Vegan Boot

Capri Vegan Mini Wedge

Essex Vegan Boot

Ellie Vegan Sandal

Check out our selection of Vegan Leather Shoes!


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