Vintage Ali takes us to Brimfield’s Flea Market

We all love a good flea market — nothing beats finding items that are rare and unique, filled with history and sentimental feelings. Here at Free People we have a Vintage Buyer — Ali is her name and she’s awesome!

I often find myself drifting to her desk on several occasions during the week just to check out what great finds she has around — and I’m never disappointed! Last weekend she hit Brimfield in Massachusetts. It’s one of the largest outdoor antique shows in New England, with over 5,000 dealers from all over the country. It’s a week long and only happens three times a year: May, July, and September! It sure does take your breath away.

Ali documented her Journey for us — check out the photos below! There’s also a video that she shot a couple of years ago on Super 8. It shows the engaging atmosphere of friends and pickers from one of the largest flea markets around! Don’t you just love Flea Markets?


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8 years ago

I love the rings!!

8 years ago

I like it…very good thanks!!!!!!!!

8 years ago

amazing finds. she has the coolest gig ever!