Yoga: Aim High

Do you know what yoga position I love doing? It’s simple and easy, but it makes me feel great. I do it whenever I get a chance… almost every day. It makes me feel on top of the world and it feels so lovely stretching everything out.

The pose is, pure and simple, stretching your arms out straight above your head. Stretch them as far as you can, until you can’t take it anymore!  It relieves so much tension along your back and lets you unwind.

My favorite place to do this is looking out onto the ocean, nothing there — just you, the ocean, and the horizon.  So… stretch your arms up to the sky and aim high — it makes you want to aim high every day in everything you do. Try it, it’s nice!

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11 years ago

So Beautiful !!!

11 years ago

I do this every morning, it feels so good!

11 years ago

inspirational :)

11 years ago

i do this whenever i can. except i get the beautiful mountains.

11 years ago

yes. lately whenever i’m feeling a little off center, i do this, just for a moment. i even do it seated at my desk. so grounding/inspiring.