Yoga: Salute the Sun and Start the Day

The Sun Salutation is a great way to start your day. Wake up, roll your mat out on your bedroom floor, and start saluting the sun.

There’s nothing more calming than being at one with yourself – and there’s nothing worse than getting thrown into a busy work day with an unclear mind. These 12 poses will help you start your days with a strong mind ready to achieve everything and anything. With these thoughts in your mind;

“I understand, I see, I speak, I love, I do, I feel, I am”  

continue with the following 12 poses, linking them together as a series. Repeat 5 rounds before you jump into the shower and feel happy starting your day!

Here are the 12 poses and their description, salute the sun and be happy and peaceful

1: Begin in Mountain – hands clasped together and placed tightly under your chin

2: Raise hands overhead, press pubic bone forward, tighten buttocks and open chest – inhale

3: Forward Fold – tailbone up, hands next to feet – exhale

4: Right foot back to Lunge – press heel of back foot, lengthen spine – inhale

5: Bring left foot back to Plank positions, long spine – hold breath in

6: Drag knees, chin and chest to floor – exhale

7: Sweep forward to Cobra – inhale

8:  Lift tailbone to Downward Dog – exhale

9: Right foot forward to Lunge – inhale

10: Left foot forward to Forward Fold – exhale

11: Lengthen spine, reaching out and up – press pelvic bone forward, opening chest – inhale

12: Exhale and release back to Mountain



  1. Its a great workout and increases your flexibility. It’s called ‘suryanamaskara’.
    Greetings from India!

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