Bali Flower Offerings: What Are They?

I’ve always longed to go to Bali, and whenever I see photos of it I find myself so inspired and intrigued by the baskets of flowers that seem to be everywhere you look.These offerings, called “Canang Sari,” are a daily ritual, prepared using coconut leaves to create a square basket that is then filled with rice and flowers. The gorgeous creations are carefully prepared daily and left as a way of giving back what you have been given by the gods. I can’t get over how beautiful they are, I would love to go to Bali one day and learn to make one.


bali flower offerings

bali flower offerings

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  1. Oh so pretty!! I want to go to Bali too! When does the July catalog drop? Can’t wait :-)

  2. Hi Free People!
    I’ve been to Bali last year…. it is a wonderful place with incredible people and I learnt how to make those offerings (not sure I would remember) it was quite simple!! Hope you’ll have the chance to get there!
    thanks for this article-nice pictures :)

  3. hi free people, i live in Bali and i am a Balinese :) thanks alot for the article about canang sari, maybe i can post to you some of my own canang sari.,

  4. Just don’t step on them, because they’re EVERYWHERE and everyone does. It’s a shame, they really are beautiful.

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