Beauty Tips: 5 FP Girls… 5 Great Tried and Tested Beauty Tips

Beauty tips from our Beach Designer: I’m always intrigued by what people do for their beauty regime — it inspires me to change up my routine and try new things. Change can be great for the body, mind and soul…

I asked 5 FP girls what their “can’t live without” trick is to looking so gorgeous and here it goes…

The lovely Jessica is a hair color chameleon and here is how she keeps her hair shiny and full of va va voom:

“I have a hair mask trick! It’s not an exact science, but here’s my method: I take one super ripe avocado; halve, peel and de-seed it and put it in a bowl. I mash it with my hands but you could probably use a tool of some sort. Then add about ¼ cup of olive oil (really just enough to thin the avocado paste out a bit — it should be like a paste, not soup). Then I mix in 2 eggs. Once thoroughly mixed I apply generously all over my hair — I focus on the roots because that’s where I need it most, but some people might feel like the tips is where they want to concentrate the mixture. Next wrap your hair in plastic wrap and let sit! I usually do about 20 minutes, then get in the shower and stand and let the heat give the mask a final kick. Then I take the plastic wrap off and rinse! I shampoo after because I just had food in my hair, but I’ve heard some people don’t. It’s a personal choice. That once every 6 weeks is how my hair has gone from brown to red to brown to blonde to black and doesn’t look totally fried!”

avocado hair mask ingredients

Sam is one of my most favorite people — she’s always radiant, happy and has a calming and wonderful demeanor. Maybe this is why…

“I go for a 30 minute jog outdoors as much as possible. I get a natural summer glow by being in the sun and it is also my form of meditation. After a run everything is better.”

girl running black and white

Our loveliest Chau never wastes a thing and that goes for the peel of fruits… She once met a lady who had the most wonderful skin. After enquiring about the lady’s secret, she found out that the lady always rubbed fruit peels on her skin! Take the avocado from your salad or morning toast, for example: once you have all of the avocado out of its shell, flatten and rub the inside of the skin gently all over your face … not only is it exfoliating, but the skin of fruit is always full of goodness. You can try this with a number of fruits, but avocados and citruses like oranges, grapefruits and lemons seem to work best :) Maybe make the hair mask, then give your face a treat, too!

orange peel and avocado peel

Brogan, our wonderful new lounge designer swears by rosewater as a key ingredient in her regime… I can’t wait to try it out.

“On a trip to Istanbul I found out that one of the secrets to the Turkish women looking so healthy and vibrant was to splash rosewater on their faces in the morning. It is a great toner and gives your skin a healthy glow.”

You can even try putting it into a spritz bottle and spraying on your face through the summer to freshen your glow.

roses in water

My tip is simple and easy! I think of myself as a mermaid with scales… I moisturize in downward strokes, if we were fishes we wouldn’t go against the grain of our skin so I use the same idea morning and night. Use the heart as a place to stop and start the motions where possible. So, when it comes to moisturizing your arms, you should go down from the heart to the tips of your fingers.

This helps to calm the body as it’s like a mini massage and stops pores from getting blocked.

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