Blogger Diary: Sometimes It Just Hits You

Sometimes it just hits you, like a brick wall dead in front of you. Sentimental feelings can be hard to shake off.

Lately, I’m not sure whether it’s the weather, the energy in the moon or that time of year when you’re just yearning for something, but I’ve been feeling the need to think about things that mean the most to me — whether it’s loved ones, places/people I aspire to, or my inner needs and desires.

This weekend I made a little haven for myself, for me and only me, out on my back patio and I let the sun warm my thoughts.


sunlight shadow

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  1. wow… its quite funny cuz ive been feeling exactly like this these past few days, and i just cant shake off the feeling…a little nostalgic, questioning the things in life, that feeling like tears are just about to come out but you dont really know why…just feeling those sentimental feelings. wish i knew how to make it better…but its a good feeling to read this on the blog and see im not alone :)

  2. It is definitely the venus retrograde energy… I have been feeling it too. It’s seems as if many have been feeling this.

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