Blogger Diary: Side Projects

I finally started a side project that I’ve been dreaming about for some time now. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m slightly obsessed with photography. I’m snapping away, looking at photos, editing, or talking about it as often as I can.  I take a lot, and in the editing down I often find my heart breaking. Gorgeous photos might not be right for a post, or there’s a better shot that I should use instead. A lot of the pictures never find a home, but since each is like one of my babies, I wanted to give them a place to live. So I came up with my new Tumblr, Outttakes! It’s a place for all of the shots and experiments that don’t make it elsewhere. So far it’s been fun just seeing them all in one spot. I can’t wait to continually add on and see the collection grow; it’s nice to have something completely your own like this. Check out some of my recent favorites:


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11 years ago

Lovely idea! And lovely photos! I think you may have inspired me to post some of my outtakes today too….some are just too pretty and wonderful to be left in a folder away from curious eyes :)

11 years ago

Great pics! What kind of camera do you use ?

11 years ago

I also love taking pictures, but I use my phone because I always forget to bring my camera with me :) I too have a hard time just deleting the pics that don’t make it into my photo album…I end up saving every picture cause i can’t bring myself to delete them :)

fp naomi
11 years ago

Hey Leah – I use a Canon Rebel T2i, just got a new 50mm lens for it :)

11 years ago

i’m going to go follow it now! :)