Blogger Diary: Treasure Hunting

This past weekend was the first time in a while that I was able to say, “What should I do today?” I moved to Philly from New York two months ago for this lovely job here at Free People, and since then, all of my weekends have been focused on getting settled: apartment hunting, moving, shopping, setting up; all the while traveling back and forth from New York to Philly. It’s been an overwhelmingly awesome whirlwind of a time, but I was so happy to have my first free weekend here in Philly.

My boyfriend came out from New York and we spent all of Saturday doing what we love more than most things in the world: treasure hunting.

Our first stop of the day was Terrain out in Glenn Mills—if you guys have never been there (or even if you have), I seriously urge you to go. It is one of the most inspiringly beautiful stores I’ve ever encountered – I feel like I shouldn’t even refer to it as a store.

Vintage Lace Towels on Tree Branch

My favorite find from Terrain was this amazing towel rack idea. I saw it as a display and knew I had to have it. The hooks were actually sold out, so one of the awesome employees actually got a drill (or some other power tool with which I’m not familiar) and removed them from their wall so I could buy them! The stick you see holding up the towels in this picture is my own. They had used a stick from a birch tree in the display, so I’m on the hunt for one of those. The towels you see above are all little gems I’ve found at thrift stores since living here in Philly!

Our next stop was a secondhand shop somewhere between Glenn Mills and Philly. It had a bunch of little sections from different vendors and everything was kind of all over the place, but we loved it.

Antique Green Dresser

My boyfriend walked away with this gorgeous dresser for a mere $20. He’s moving into a great new house next weekend, so this is going to be an excellent piece for his new bedroom!

Pressed Flower Necklace

I scored this pressed flower necklace for $3. I’ve recently been having the urge to make something with pressed flowers, so this is definitely some good inspiration.

Vintage Glass Bowl with Yellow Lace Detail

I also got this glass bowl with yellow lace detail – isn’t it pretty? I think I’ve used it during every meal I’ve had since the moment I got it.

We picked up a business card from that shop which led us to an antique shop all the way in Delaware (it was really just 10 minutes down the road). This shop was a little pricey, but…

Vintage Wire Fan

I ended up with this amazing vintage fan! I had been looking for one of these babies ever since the weather started warming up, so when my boyfriend and I spotted this little guy, we knew it had itself a new home. Bonus: My boy bought it for me. Double bonus: It works!

What little treasures have you found lately? Do a post on your blog and share link in the comments – we’d love to see!

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  1. Could you leave some of the names of the secondhand stores that you went to for the people in the Philadeplhia/Delaware County area? Thanks!!!

  2. I loove the towel rack from Terrain! How cool! And that’s such a great necklace for $3! After reading your entry I can’t wait to go treasuring hunting myself!

    I found an old candle holder I got for $2 at a local thrift store in my town a few weekends ago and turned it into a great jewelry holder (it was soo easy to do). you can see it on the 2nd page of my blog here:

    (its the 2nd entry down)

    Thanks again for such an inspiring post!

  3. Awesome! I JUST found a fan like that this weekend. I actually found it in my father-in-laws “man cave” and charmed him out of it! Of course I have five kids, so I can’t use it, but it’s on top of the fridge, where’s it’s the safest, I might try running it up there.

  4. Since your from New York do you know any cute thrift shops in the city? I just moved to East Village and am in need of some new thrift finds!

  5. Kelsey – I’ve always had a hard time thrifting in the city. The true cheaper thrift stores don’t have a good selection and everything else seems overpriced. There are a bunch of thrift stores in Gramercy, so that might be a good area.. but I’d recommend going out to Long Island for a day (if you have access a car). My favorites are Island Thrift, AmVets Thrift and Selden Thrift. These 3 are huge and have great prices. You definitely have to pick through everything to find gems, but that’s the part I like the best!

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