Destination: Essaouira, Morocco

Morocco has been a destination on my wish list ever since I started to stalk the magnificent riads on the Essaouira coast. Essaouira has always intrigued me – it’s a late-18th-century fortified town, constructed according to the principles of contemporary European military architecture. It’s a charming town that I would one day love to visit.

Inside its medina sits The Tea House, a 200-year-old riad founded by its British owner. Its décor has a Moroccan and English cottage feel to it, with a charming, bohemian air. The colours are an inspiring mixture of pastels against the prominent Moroccan terracotta. The Tea House is a must stay when venturing into Essaouira

The Tea House Riad

The Tea House Riad

The Tea House RiadCheck out more destinations here

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Never been there! I think I should go!!


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This place is so dreamy and colourful.
I’d give anything to lie in the sun getting mesmerised by my colourful surroundings.


I’ve been there! I studied for a school year in Morocco and it was amazing! Essaouira was my favorite town in Morocco by far! Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and Cat Stevens were also mesmerized by Essaouira and spent a lot of time there. So many cool rastas roam the streets and it has such a laid-back vibe! I’d definitely recommend going there. Also check out Chefchaouen, Morocco!


were there any windows inside that room??


I absolutely LOVE the laid back atmosphere of Essaouira.


Fp01, usually the windows face the inner patio. The riads in Morocco are lovely, even the more modest ones.