Diamond Jubilee, with Love to the UK

This weekend the UK is in full celebration, why? Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years in monarchy! It’s her Diamond Jubilee and the patriotic bunting is hanging all over her country.

Being from the UK my heart is clenching that I’m not able to be part of the festivities that will go ahead these next couple of days — including the largest flotillas ever seen on the River Thames, where 1,000 British flagged boats will sail down the river!

Instead… I’ve been soaking in the atmosphere from Instagram and admiring the colour chart Vogue put together of her outifts! We show love to our fans in Britain this weekend!

Vogue UK put together this outstanding chart of all her outfits colour coordinated  — After 60 years the Queen as proven to be a style icon,  her outfits  show good taste and style and I love her colour palette. Ive always wondered what her favorite colour to wear is and here it is proven. She has worn blue for 29% of her appearances :) Blue isn’t called Royal Blue for no reason!!

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11 years ago

Love that color chart of the Queen’s outfits! Too cute :)

11 years ago

I’m also sad to be missing the Queens Diamond Jubilee! I am from England & travel there often, at least once a year… but I couldn’t be there this month.
What a strong woman the Queen is…. and she looks like a twin to my Mother who was also a proud British citizen, and very strong!! Sadly my Mum has passed away now, she was about 3 years older than the Queen… and strangely was christened ‘Betty’!! We often referred to her as ‘The Queen’ in our family!