Discussion Post: Should We Keep Reviving Fashion?

We live in a world where reviving fashion seems almost inevitable every season.

Everywhere we see things like, “What’s Trending now… the 60’s inspired shift dress” and “The must have dress this season is the drop waisted 1920’s beaded look.”

I love the fashion from the past and it’s great to never let it die, but most people will argue, “Should we really have to revive?”

I admire reviving fashion — we all love to buy vintage, right? But should we, as a culture that is so immersed in modern day technology and new movements, be letting go of what was fashionable then and making up new trends? Let’s discuss… Should we still be reviving fashion?

The 1920’s drop waist dress and Twiggy in the 1960’s wearing a shift dress

reviving fashionThe Antwerp Six — a group of influential avant garde fashion designers that graduated from the Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the eighties. Below designer Martin Margiela shows a new take on denim dressing.

reviving fashionCheck out more Fashion News here.

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I think its fine to revive and celebrate old styles, especially when its an old favorite with a modern twist. For diehards, there’s always vintage. Neither approach is better than the other . I’m a huge believer that people should just wear what they like, be damned what’s trendy. Create your own style and own it. It’s easy to modernize any look with some modern accessories or tailoring.

Sarah D

Yes, fashion is like an accessible time machine that can represent the past and the future.

Absolutely! I think that reviving fashion ties us to the past and let’s us experience a tangible connection with history.

By all means… revive it, but don’t copy it. It’s up to designers to create a new take on an old style. But when they reproduce it without a twist, I’d rather track down the original piece. In the early 90’s, fashion was completely new. Neon colors had never been done before, we had triangle motifs, tightroll jeans. Hair was a whole new wave. It was epic, unique, and undeniably stylish. At the time. I see kids now wearing the same thing, and some of it looks just like it did back then. I personally don’t want to revisit that… Read more »


I think that there have been classic shapes of the past that will be re-done because they are classic, simple, and flattering but what I think of modern fashion of today is that it’s really up to the individual of what they want to wear. There are so many different style choices that are now acceptable to the whole of society so I think it will be focused more on what the person wants rather than being forced to follow certain trends because there is nothing else available.


Neon happened in the early 80’s.


I love when my mom comments on my clothes that resembles her style from back in the day… I can’t wait to have my own kids and see what they wear from my generations trends/styles.

While new trends are great, I’m an absolute believer in reviving past fashion! If something was once fabulous, I say bring it back and give it a fresh and modern take!


We’ve also lost creativity. I don’t think it will happen and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s fun!


There is no other question, but yes! ‘La mort n’est pas la fin’ Death is not the end!

There are know original ideas left…it’s how you take someone else’s idea and make it new that counts. Fashion, art, literature, music. What else can we come up with? It’s taking what has already been done and making it new that is creativity…


I think about this all the time…I love the fact we go back decades and borrow trends from them, but there is a burning inside me to see us as a decade come up with something new…I want something different and never seen or experienced by no other than us. Maybe we’re scared and need a little more push…or maybe a little more acceptance from society

Like some people have said already, many trends come back, but there’s still a modern day twist to them here and there. I think living in such a fast-paced/modern world is more reason to revive former fashions. It’s always exciting to try and create new things, but we never want to forget where we come from and why we loved what loved back then. There will always be new fashion, so there is never any harm in reviving the threads of the 20th century. Vintage will never die anyway. Even if it goes out of ‘trend’, there will still awesome… Read more »

Creating new can be fun and innovative, however, I believe that we should revive past fashions if they suite the wearer’s lifestyle. Times might be different but one should always stay true to their own personal style. If that so happens to include a 60’s shift dress or 50’s beatnik beret then so be it.

PS It’s always fun to surprise my mom and wear something of her’s. She loves it and always says “I used to wear that when I was your age. Funny how things come back into style”

One thing that I love about fashion is the ability to breath new life into “old” designs. Sadly, most designs are not new but a play on the same silhouette. I think that if we keep reinventing and pushing forward in the design and craft, than the modern retelling will still feel new, fresh and exciting. Most people can not wear avant-garde designs, so that could be the reason why repeating silhouette seem tired. There will always be shapes that are classic and staples to the consumers wardrobe, but it is also fun when a designer throws a curve at… Read more »

Of course we should! It is going to be a little more naive if we particularly retain our old fashion look. I think of it before that maybe it is the naturalization in our community that every fashion is inconstant and it grew and grew as the time goes on.

Fashion is timeless.. and it also brings out the creativity of people..it’s ok to revive fashion for it’ll always be there..


when I see these vintage styles I just wander what happened??
I was born in the 80s so when I do see these clothes I don’t know what to where or how to pick them. But, they are interesting. I see these styles so much more in guy fashions today than I do women. These styles seem like they were very one of the kind and very transparent of the time, but I would hope they would continue to develop more ideas and lots of fashions that would be one a kind and transparent in our time and time after that.


Yea, I would play in my grandma’s and mom’s closet, but then I would get bored and I would be very ready to splurge my closet and Target for the latest new looks, finds and whatever was new and exciting at the time.


Today, I prefer more colors.


yes, sometimes I am afraid to wear certain things because not everyone reacts the same way to what you wear or what you look like.

And, it is difficult because sometimes I just can’t find enough pieces to make something new.