Feng Shui and the Elements: Earth

Earth heals us. Solid and sturdy, we feel it beneath our feet providing its ever-present grounding energy. The earth element is physical and tangible, and also highly sensory – with emphasis on touch and scent. Earth is symbolic of growth and having the proper balance of it promotes competence and the ability to progress toward tangible goals. Here are some ways to bring the earth element into your life and home!


Go barefoot when possible – walk slowly and feel the earth beneath your feet.

dancing outside

Spend more time outdoors. Sit or lie on the ground and soak in its energy.

house plants

Garden, and bring plants into the home. Having plants inside is an important part of feng shui as they emit a positive energy, cleanse the air, and contribute to the positive flow of chi throughout the home.

pottery making

Do pottery – the act of tangibly working with clay brings a connection to the earth.


Experiment with aromatherapy, an alternative healing process that uses essential oils from plant materials.


Place crystals & stones around the home to bring healing and cleansing energy to certain areas. I recently purchased The Book of Stones and it’s an amazing resource for learning more about stones and their healing properties!

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Click on images for sources; first image by Neil Krug.


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