Festival Fashion: What to Pack for Bonnaroo Music Festival

Bonnaroo Music Festival is taking place this weekend and it feels a little strange that I won’t be there. I’ve gone 5 times now, and the whole packing-up-the-car-and-road-tripping-to-Tennessee thing was starting to feel like routine. I will miss spending a few days camping on the farm in Manchester, soaking up the music and festival style, but I’ll be there in spirit – and our good friend Thomas Northcut will be there taking photos for us, so stay tuned for those next week! And, for those of you who are heading to Bonnaroo this weekend here’s some inspiration for what to pack for Bonnaroo, and a playlist of some of our favorite bands from the Bonnaroo 2012 lineup!

Festival fashion at Bonnaroo takes on a life all its own because of the sweltering heat. Bikini tops and bralettes are a must out of comfort, with light weight cover-ups and cutoffs to throw on over top.  Shade is hard to come by, so I’ll never go without a hat, and I tend to stick to sneakers or boots to avoid the inevitable mud – these confetti colored converse seem like they were made for Bonnaroo!

Items: Olive Buttondown with Embroidery, Stella Straw Panama Hat, FP One Smocked Printed Crop Top, Cheyenne Suede Crossbody, Golden Hippie Studded Cutoff Shorts, Beaded Bra, Plastic Brow SunglassesArgo Skull Pendant, Graffiti Chucks, Matinee Tank Dress.

And now I’m going to go console myself because MAN that is a good lineup. Are any of you going to Bonnaroo this weekend??

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11 years ago

YES! beyond stoked… will FP be there?!

11 years ago

Going, and super psyched about it. Fourth time, couldn’t agree with your packing list more!

11 years ago

first time and i couldn’t be more excited!! heading up shortly and can’t wait for the trip of the yr

11 years ago

woooow great!!!

DIY and more:

11 years ago

I’ll be missing ‘Roo, but I’m headed to all three nights of Phish in Atlantic City, so I’m not too upset :)

11 years ago

I too am missing on my 5th yr! I’ll miss those late muddy handheld nights but I definitely won’t miss the 10lbs I lost every year from trenching in mud with rain boots all week! ;)


11 years ago

oh what a shame.
we will have a wonderful time spreading the good vibes in the festi-fever for you lovely people back at FP. i have packed some of my favorite FP threads and am hoping i see many more ways of people’s own style/take on FP at Roo!! (one of the top 10 best things about festival’s is admiring everyone’s fashion-sense)


11 years ago

I am a MIT at the Free People Tampa store. I’ll be going and attempting to make a short film on festival fashion :)

11 years ago

If you plan on having actual fun, don’t give a shit about what you wear. You are going to get sweaty and sun burnt then have dust from where the grass wore down blow at you all weekend leaving you in a layer of sweat and grime, no matter what precautions you take! Then if your sunburn peals that is a whole different story. But seriously, any nice clothes you might bring, you won’t even want to wash once you get home but throw in the trash.

11 years ago

so sad I’m misssing out this year too! I agree with MaryBeth though. I was so filthy last year, there is no way i’d bring nice clothes to the roo. and tennis shoes all the way. i love festival fashion, but bonnaroo is all about surviving the dirt and heat. fashion is out the window.

11 years ago

fp julia: I tried sending my video but not sure if you received it – so here it is!