FP One, An Interview

FP One is a beautiful label within Free People that’s true to Free People’s heart. FP One is a label that constantly reminds me of an Indian summer: beautiful colors, intricate details that stay in your mind and a journey — without even knowing it — through India.

We caught up with the latest addition to the team to find out what’s inspiring her right now.

What do you do for FP One?

I am part of a three-person design team that creates all of FP One.  Right now I am working on Christmas stockings and “Endless Summer” for Holiday 2012.

What inspires you in your daily life and how do you translate that into the FP One line?

I am obsessed with Tumblr and other image sites where you find inspiration in simple things like nature and art.  Also, I spend a lot of time in India so I am very much influenced by the ancient culture and handiwork techniques.  And of course, I have to give a shout out to my dogs, Violet and Sebastian, they have given me a permanent smile which is always inspirational!


What do you love about FP One and is there anything exciting happening in the future?

I love the collision of modern elements and antique techniques which create FP One.  Creating the garments and items from scratch is an awesome process which allows you to see your vision come to life. We have a super cute lace slip with a peter pan collar and a gorgeous embellished corset hitting the stores soon! Check ’em out!

You have your own personal blog, The Cult of Style, tell us about this!

I am spellbound by images and especially those related to fashion and art and anything creative and I find that having a blog is an amazing outlet to share my passion with the world.  I make photo collages of current trends and even throw in some of my own photography (like from Coachella) plus post editorials from fashion magazines and lookbooks from my favorite brands. My blog features other designers that contribute posts about music and DIYs

It’s like my baby, well, next to my dogs. :) check out her blog here The Cult of Style



How do you think having your own personal blog helps in your professional life?

It helps tremendously as I am constantly spending my free time looking for inspirational images, so it turns into this kind of “2 for me, 5 for work” kind of thing.  My entire life is dedicated to fashion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lastly, describe FP one in 3 words

Modern, hand-crafted and amazing!

View our FP One collection


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