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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of June 11–17, 2012


gemini drawingGEMINI

May 21-June 20

When Jupiter enters Gemini this week, declare personal growth your mission for the coming year. Traditional astrology holds that Jupiter in your sign equals weight gain, since this gigantic planet is oriented towards growth! But watching your diet while upping your exercise over the next twelve months surely isn’t the highest use of a growth period. Instead, use the gift of confidence that Jupiter often brings to become more and more yourself on the inside. Write down statements that you feel represent the true you (such as “I am filled with curiosity, always seeking to learn”), then invest in them (“I’m signing up for that memoir-writing class I’ve been dying to take.”) If you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel, Jupiter is nudging you to shine.



cancer drawing


June 21-July 22

“Your soul can fly outward, stringed to your ribcage like a shimmering kite in the shape of an open hand. Be still and listen to the evidence of your own holiness.” ~Jeff Buckley

Faithful Jupiter’s entry into your spiritual zone foretells a year of soul-searching retreat. The above quote from Jeff Buckley (a Scorpio, your fellow water sign) offers a lovely illustration of your internal process in the coming months. This will be a time of going deep within, in order to establish or reaffirm a connection with something far beyond. You’ll find stillness aids your quest for meaning, though that doesn’t mean you have to shut yourself away in a monastery and take a vow of silence. Listening to a song that gives you chills, getting up early to watch the sunrise while sipping your tea, swimming in a lake at night, attending a religious service—these are but a few of the infinite number of roads to soulfulness.

leo drawing


July 23-August 22

Your hopes and dreams take center stage when bountiful Jupiter sweeps into your groups sector this week, setting up camp there until June 2013. This house in your chart relates to the networks that support your vision for your future. So friends, professional organizations, job-search contacts—anyone who shares common goals and interests or upholds yours—falls into this category. You’ll probably acquire tons of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and the like during this time. But you should also flip the script and consider what you can contribute for the benefit of the larger whole. What do you bring to the table that enhances everyone’s wellbeing? Your network will definitely expand. It’s up to you to make it count for something.


virgo drawing



August 23-September 22

Pick out a gown and scribble your acceptance speech, because Jupiter’s coming to the top of your chart, a point associated with public recognition. Whether or not the accolades start rolling in on cue, faith in your achievements will be at a high. Use this time wisely by striving for bigger things fueled by stronger self-assurance. A genuine belief in your ability to get ahead will help you do just that. Renewed enthusiasm for personal goals reinvigorates your career and may even open up a whole new path. Be open to the possibilities, and allow yourself to get excited about things that you probably take a pragmatic approach to usually. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight.


libra drawing


September 23-October 22

When Jupiter hits your distant-journeys sector this week, prepare for a year that’s certain to expand your horizons. Make sure your passport is current and your catsitter has your spare keys. Scour travel websites for great deals and hoard vacation days. But more importantly, be ready and willing to broaden your outlook. This is a time for pursuing graduate studies; learning a foreign language; exploring the world through philosophy, religion and other metaphysics; shedding old prejudices; and changing your worldview. Travel to faraway places is just one way to do what Jupiter is beckoning you to do: Learn more about the world and grow your own belief system.



scorpio drawing


October 23-November 21

The turbulence in your personal life lately has moved your psychological patterns to the forefront and put you in self-analysis mode—something you have a knack for, by the way. But, even if you’re a natural at digging into deep, dark places where nobody else wants to go, it hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure. Hopeful Jupiter’s entry into your psychology-and-intimacy sector this week bodes well for healing the hurt. Close relationships will become a place of uplifting, while self-knowledge and growth should feel more attainable. Vow to make the coming year a time of exploring the crevices of your own personality without judgment. And, have faith that letting someone else in can and will be a powerful, transformational experience. You are not only a stinging scorpion. You are also a phoenix rising from the ashes.


sagittarius drawing


November 22-December 21

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, moves into your opposite sign, Gemini, this week, landing in the relationship angle of your chart. This placement indicates that your greatest learning will stem from one-on-one encounters in the next year. You’ll meet people who have something to teach you, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for such opportunities. Jupiter symbolizes foreignness, upping the chance that the people you encounter will hail from faraway lands or from cultures other than your own. You may be drawn to gurus and mentors during the coming months, which is only a problem if you overvalue them and assume they have all the answers that you seek. To get the most out of this time, focus on partnerships and friendships that will raise your consciousness in some way.


capricorn drawing


December 22-January 19

You know how everyone’s always wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day? You’ll understand exactly what they mean when boundless Jupiter makes a grand entrance in your daily-duties sector this week, causing you to cram more than you thought possible into your schedule in the coming year. This house in your chart also involves health and fitness and honing your craft—it’s about taking care of yourself and taking care of business. At its best, Jupiter’s stay here will inspire you to be generous with your time when it comes to purposeful activities. And hopefully, it will imbue seemingly mundane responsibilities with spirit, allowing you to derive more pleasure from being of service to others.



aquarius drawing


January 20-February 18

If you’ve already been enjoying the easy breezy feeling that summer brings, that could be attributed to social Venus’s extended stay in your house of play. But don’t worry that the fun will end when Venus moves on or even when summer turns to fall. Joyful Jupiter dances into that same part of your chart this week and isn’t leaving ‘til next summer! You’ll find it easier to express yourself—especially through creativity—and ideally, your heart will be more open to life and love. You could fall for someone from a different background, since this is also your romance zone, and Jupiter is known for expanding possibilities. But the point isn’t to bide your time waiting for a handsome stranger to appear in your life. The point is to feel free to be your authentic self and to invite more joy into your life.


pisces drawing


February 19-March 20

Whether you’re saving to buy a place, looking to move to a bigger apartment or daydreaming about giving your current one a makeover, Jupiter’s here to help. When this optimistic planet arrives in your home angle, your domestic hopes start to build. In the next year, you’ll be feathering your nest, an external significator of family, peace, comfort, stability, belonging and roots. This is the area of life that you’re likely to feel most positive about now, so go with it, even if you’re not normally a homebody. The version of you that only exists when you walk through the door and kick off your shoes is not the same you that you show the world. Nurture this innermost, private you, and create an abode that expresses who she is.



aries drawing


March 21-April 19

Jupiter sets up shop in your verbal sector this week for a yearlong stay. If you write (anything—short stories, songs, a blog, poetry, articles, academic essays, nonfiction, journal entries, letters, a screenplay, a novel, Tweets), you’re in luck. Jupiter’s presence in this area of your chart brings the antithesis of writer’s block, enabling words to flow freely. The largest planet’s astrological influence is to expand whatever it comes in contact with. This same house also rules communication, brothers and sisters, your neighborhood, short-distance travel, learning and your childhood mindset. So besides writing the Great American Novel, say what’s on your mind, see your siblings more, improve your community, take a road trip and a class—and stretch beyond your old way of thinking.


taurus drawing


April 20-May 20

“Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. New car, caviar, four star daydream. Think I’ll buy me a football team.” ~Pink Floyd

It’s time to grow your resources. Educational Jupiter is in your wealth zone for the next year, prompting you to learn new skills that will help you to build financial security. In classical astrology, Jupiter was called the “Greater Benefic”-—a reference to its size and the good fortune it was thought to bestow. Modern astrology encourages us to align ourselves with the energies of planetary cycles rather than passively submitting to them. To maximize the effect of Jupiter’s year in your money house, ask yourself what you value, what matters to you most. What do you need to have in order to live the life you want? Then go about increasing those things. The trick is to come up with the truest answers, because Jupiter really does bring more, more, more.

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9 years ago

Wow! This was very accurate for me! I am a Capricorn and this month I’ve started exercising vigorously every day, dieting and I picked up crocheting and knitting again.
I’m also teaching a friend of mine how to knit and crochet.

9 years ago

I’m a cancer, and I am in love with that quote. That’s something I’m adding to my chalkboard.

9 years ago

Greaaat! so im going to gain weight, just what i needed

9 years ago

Love these posts.


9 years ago

I’m a Cancerian and I feel that’s so spot on about me.