Graffiti Converse, A Free People Exclusive

I’m a sucker for converse, and the moment I saw the exclusive-to-Free-People graffiti chucks online I knew they had to be mine! Once I learned that each pair were hand painted on a Brooklyn rooftop by one of our very own fp girls, Katie Heart, and her friend Prince$ I loved them even more.

Check out these awesome photos documenting the making of the graffiti chucks, and an interview with Katie about her inspiration and how the shoes were made!

graffiti converse

What inspired you to make hand-painted converse?

I was noticing everyone in NYC wearing running shoes with pops of neon. I thought converse were the perfect FP sneaker and thought the spray paint could be the perfect way to get that trend covered in a more creative way.

graffiti converse

Tell me a little about the process of painting them.

I started at the art supply store with artist’s acrylic spray paint and some stencil plastic. I hand cut the star shapes out of the plastic using a utility knife. To paint, first I spray the around the rubber on the soles, letting the spray flow onto the canvas a bit and over the rubber toe. The grey colorway gets a second layer of paint on the sole to create the two-tone effect of pink and orange. Then I use the star stencil and spray on the canvas, saturating the fabric a bit so the star comes out bold.

graffiti converse

Why do you think converse are such a big fashion trend right now?

I see Converse hitting 3 trends right now: Americana, sportswear, and grunge. They do that American heritage brand thing, the classic athletic thing, and the easy comfy tomboy thing.

What other trends are you excited about in shoes right now?

Really loving the comfy grunge styles like Birkenstocks, running shoes and Doc Martens. On the girly end I love wood clogs with a chunky heel.

 How would you style the graffiti chucks?

I keep it simple with skinny black jeans and a tank. But I love them with summery skirts and dresses too!

Pictured: FP lightweight stretch skinny jean, intergalactic tank, graffiti chucks, denim bustier dress.


Will you be doing more exclusive shoes for Free People in the future?

Yes! Working on some very special Doc Martens. Coming in a few months!

Get a close up view of the exclusive Graffiti Chucks!

Get the scoop on more fashion trends.

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Oh my goodness, love them!

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