Handpicked: Americana Edition

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, we picked our red, white and blue favorites for the Americana edition of Handpicked! If you’re looking for something to wear for your Independence Day festivities, we’ve definitely got you covered :)

The Patriotic Classic

Show some spirit in the Americana Converse. This patriotic update is sure to help you jump a little higher this summer!

american flag jeans

The All-American Flare

Commit yourself to fashionable acts of patriotism in our latest pair of denim, the American Flag Super Flares.

american flag shirt

The Distressed to Perfection Top

Worn in and distressed to perfection, nothing feels more at home with our denim collection than the American Flag Buttondown.

striped dress

The Tennis Dress

Kick back to the roaring 20s with the flapper-style Gatsby Mini Dress. It will take you from the tennis court to the dance floor in an instant!

bandana tote bag

The Printed Carry-all

This Patriotic Faded Heartland Tote will allow you to take the classic bandana pattern with you everywhere you go, leaving enough space to bring everything you need and more along the way.

american flag boots

The Made for Walking Boot

Made for exploring city streets, lighting up the dance floor at night, and lounging in the country, these Hanshaw Stud Boots are what you call versatile boots with character.

star hoop earring

The Starry-Eyed Earring

Play dress up with the Large Hoop and Star Earrings. These dreamy statement earrings will compliment your starry-eyed gaze on warm summer nights.

american flag bag

The Handtouched Tote

Handtouched and made from 100% salvaged materials, this Treasured Flag Tote is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

animal print scarf

The Employee Pick

Summer is not only a celebration of all things Americana, but also of our best animal friends. Why not kick the party off with the exclusive Raining Cats & Dogs Scarf, featuring our beloved Free People pets!

striped turban

The Timeless Turban

From Rosie the Riveter to the starlets of Old Hollywood, young women have always turned to the Striped Turban for a practical yet glamorous American classic.

heart sweatshirt

The Easy Layer

Love is an awesome thing when you can wear it in a place the whole world can see. Throw on the oh-so-adorable Flag Heart Tunic to show your love for the stars and stripes.

Check out all of our handpicked Americana items!

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11 years ago

Love that American flag button down. :)