The Hunt Is On: And the Winner Is…

For the month of May we got you all hunting the internet for a chance to win a 2 night trip to Miami Beach for you and three friends to stay at the Betsy – South Beach Hotel. After all the riddles, all the searching, and all the entries, we’ve finally picked the winner, Celby Richoux!

Name: Celby Devereau Richoux

Age: 23

Occupation: Social Media Manager/Writer

My favorite thing to wear to the beach is: A mixed bikini, cut offs, and a rockin’ pair of sunglasses.

The first thing I’m going to do when I get to Miami Beach is: Run into the ocean.

In my next life I want to come back as a: Tigress

My favorite album of all time is: The Avalanches – Since I Left You

Most People don’t know that I: am not always as confident as I seem.

My go to outfit is: A flattering sundress.

On the weekends you’ll find me: At the local dive bar, playing croquet in the park, exploring the dunes on the beach, or experimenting in my kitchen.

If I could have one superpower it would be to: Give people hope.

My life motto is: Love many, trust few, envy none.

My friends are: The most incredibly talented individuals who constantly fill my life with joy.

If I had to live off of one food for the rest of my life it would be: Cheese Enchiladas!

Knowing who you are and never being afraid is what free means to me :)


We can’t wait to send this lady down to the beach for some fun in the sun, and she now has $500 worth of FP cash to get packed with. So we had to find out, what are her top picks for the vaca? Here’s what Celby plans on bringing:

(Clockwise starting in the top left)

  1. Retro Sleeve Dress
  2. Beaded Bustier Bikini
  3. Ex Boyfriend Tee
  4. Atlantic Embroidered Tank
  5. Big Bang Dress
  6. Montana Arc Earrings
  7. Rivington Spike Sandal
  8. Golden Hippie Studded Cutoffs
  9. Marlo Round Sunglasses
  10. Caltha Platform
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Mike Latterman
11 years ago

She’s gorgeous.

11 years ago

She’s beautiful! What a lucky lady! Have fun, girlie!
Savannah Marie

11 years ago

take lots of pictures!!! congrats!

11 years ago

Congratulations! That’ll be a great trip. And what a cool girl to win it!

11 years ago

She’s probably just one of their models as she looks just like one.
It would’ve been nice if they chose a more average, non-modelesque girl

11 years ago

i actually know Celby from college and I can assure you she is a completely normal girl, not a free people model.

11 years ago

Congrats lady! Have some extra fun for the rest of us!

cara jo
11 years ago

Congrats Celbs!!! Have tons of fun!

11 years ago

Thanks for all the kind wishes everyone! I’ll be taking tons of pic on my Instagram account if you’d like to follow along: @celbydevereau

Thank you again Free People!

xo Celbs

11 years ago

Celby is my daughter and the most amazing, fearless, indomitable young woman I have ever known. We are so excited for her to have received this fabulous trip from her favorite brand. Thanks to Free People for this post of Celby’s pictures and comments!!!

11 years ago

Awesome!!! Congrats! Hope you enjoy the sun! <3