Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

I recently discovered Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, and like any special, rare or unique find…it’s one of those things I almost don’t want to share. Aly Spaltro is her real name, and she is incredible – soulful, beautiful, talented. I’ve heard her compared to Janis Joplin – kind of the ultimate compliment, I think – and she really does bring the 60s icon to mind with her raspy voice that can be powerful and also oh-so-soft. The wisdom that lies in her writing seems to come from someone far older than she…words flow out of her like poetry. Believe me, you will be hearing lots more about this girl! If you’re in the New York area you can catch her playing at The Grand Victory as part of the Northside Festival next weekend – maybe I’ll see you there :)

Check out her video for the beautiful song “Between Two Trees” below, and you can hear more of her music here.


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11 years ago

I’m glad I hit the play button…she has a great sound. I agree she reminds me a bit of Janis Joplin…but she looks a bit like Christy McNichols…don’t you think…love it – thanks for sharing!

11 years ago

Haha I couldn’t be more glad you picked Lad Lamb. She’s a local, and we’ve always been waiting for her to get the airplay that she should. :)

11 years ago

Amazing! What a rad girl. I just bought her cd on itunes and texted everyone deserving of the news.

11 years ago

Love love love! My ears are singing!
I haven’t been this amazed at a singer since I discovered Emma Louise. < Also worthy of checking out just fyi.