Album of the Week: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Americana

Neil Young and Crazy Horse released their first album since 2003 last week, a collection of old American folk and protest songs titled Americana.

It’s a little strange at first to hear songs like “Clementine,” “This Land is Your Land” and “Get a Job” sung by Neil Young, but after the first listen through, you almost forget what they sounded like to begin with. It’s like they were actually meant to be sung by Young, his delivery ensuring that we don’t forget the darker, political undertones of the songs that still remain meaningful today. The album has gotten mixed reviews from critics, but its definitely one worth checking out, even if its just to hear the songs that you may not have heard since childhood reworked in a new way.  I’m a huge Neil Young fan so its a treat to hear anything from him – and you can catch him on tour this fall (with Patti Smith!) – check out tour dates here. He’ll also be headlining the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco! Check out Americana below and let me know what you think :)

Lead image by Pegi Young.

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11 years ago

Neil Young is one of my all time faves! This album is great, but I think Harvest Moon is my favorite.
Savannah Marie

11 years ago

I really like this post! Thanks for sharing. :D

11 years ago

Awesome post – wish I could have been there. Love the new tune.